Tyler, The Creator, “OKRA”

“OKRA” is sonic heaven for Tyler, The Creator fans who enjoy his hard-hitting, heavy and dirty style of rap. The beat’s overblown distorted bassline knocks Tyler’s bars into a braggadocios realm of referential pop culture. Paired with a visually stunning music video, the rap enigma’s new track is sure to rattle your bones.

Frankie Cosmos, “Apathy”

The advent of Frankie Cosmos awakened when Cosmos, lesser known as Greta Kline, sought an expressive way to archive her life. Her newest song, “Apathy,” is riddled with personal, poetic lyrics. In an interview with Pitchfork, Cosmos disclosed that some lyrics in “Apathy” were written when Cosmos was on tour feeling crazy and wishing that she had a clear purpose that she was designed for. Though the song still maintains the reminiscent beachy L.A. sound conveyed in her earlier work, the track also possesses a more developed and mature nature making her track both a lyrical and melodic gem.

Young Fathers, “Holy Ghost”

A danceable cut off the Scottish rap trio’s latest studio album, “Holy Ghost” is packed with clever lyrics and explosive instrumentation from Young Fathers. The track offers a taste of the group’s socially conscious lyrics and accessible yet innovative sounds.

Azizi Gibson, “Electric Life”

“Electric Life” is the second song in Azizi Gibson’s short EP, Hentai, which was co-produced by Hippie

Sabotage. While the EP’s name, which translates to pervert in Japanese, makes Gibson seem like a symbolic and literal pervert, the composition of the EP makes Gibson appear godly. “Electric Life” has a particularly unique yet typecast sound; it’s inimitable and appealing enough to stand out to new listeners but nostalgic enough to quickly make it a fan favorite. His tracks never fail to impress; on top of lyrics with ridiculous flow, “Electric Life” furnishes an eerie atmosphere, creating a mesmerizing listen.

Aubrey Huntsman, “Strawberry Season”

Making her debut into the world of music, artist Aubrey Huntsman has recently released her three-song EP, Dreams, available on Spotify and Apple Music. The opening track, “Strawberry Season” stands apart from the other two as it captures the fuzzy feeling of falling in love and compares it to the beautiful warm weather one might experience during the spring and summertime. As the title of the EP suggests, this song is very dreamy; Huntsman has managed to create the perfect soft, synth hit that could make anyone want to fall in love and pick some strawberries.


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