24-year-old Edward Caceres was arrested last week after detectives investigated the overdoses on Del Playa Drive earlier this month. Courtesy of SBSO.

Two Isla Vista residents were arrested last week following an investigation into the overdoses on Del Playa Drive that left nine victims hospitalized earlier this month.

Detectives first arrested 24-year-old Edward Caceres after they found evidence linking him to the overdoses, according to a press release from the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Office (SBSO). Caceres was on probation for drug-related offenses.

Nine I.V. residents were transported to the hospital on March 1 after showing symptoms of drug overdoses. The victims ingested alcohol and “Oxycontin,” a prescription pain reliever, according to the press release. No “Oxycontin” pills were found at Cac

Detectives conducted a probation search of Caceres’ home on the 6500 block of Trigo Road on March 6, where they found over a pound of processed marijuana and approximately 185 Xanax pills. According to SBSO Spokesperson Kelly Hoover, no “Oxycontin” or blue pills were found in the residence. 

Caceres was found hiding inside the residence. His roommate, 23-year-old Omar Coulibaly, was also detained, but no evidence was found connecting him to the nine overdoses, according to SBSO

Detectives were able to find evidence showing that Caceres was responsible for selling controlled narcotics to the nine residents who overdosed.

Caceres was arrested for possession of Xanax for sales, and is being held on $250,000 bail. Coulibaly was arrested for possession of marijuana for sales, and was released on a citation.

Coulibaly told the Nexus that neither residents have any affiliation with the overdoses.

“Our house was violated, our name is actually being drug through the mud right now, because we have no idea who those kids were that overdosed,” he said. “I feel bad for those kids but we had nothing to do with it, they didn’t find anything in our house that was blue or a blue pill that anyone would have overdosed on themselves.”

He also said that neither of them are facing any charges relating to the overdoses.

“The cops abused their power in the situation,” Coulibaly said. “They came to our house, they tried to intimidate me.”

Detectives are investigating whether there are any other cases involving Caceres. Anyone with relevant information is urged to call 805-681-4150.

Update: This article was updated to show that no “Oxcycontin” was found in the residence. It was also updated to show that Coulibay was not connected to the overdoses, according to the SBSO. 


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