After coming to college, I’ve fallen into the trap of the coffee-drinking world. But in the coffee world, there’s so many drinks to choose from and as a newbie it’s quite overwhelming. If you need the caffeine but are lost in the sea of choices, look no further because here’s a guide to start you on your coffee-drinking journey. Come and join me as I set out on a task to see which coffee drink is the tastiest and most efficient at the dining commons.

Rachel Lee / Daily Nexus

This coffee was by far the strongest of the three. Not only did this taste like that rich coffee bean smell, but it was the most efficient in getting me through the day. I found that I was more awake throughout my day compared to the other days with the cappuccino and latte, probably on account of the 64 mg of caffeine per ounce.

Calling all my chocolate lovers: This drink is perfect for you because it tastes very much like a chocolatey coffee. The cappuccino was more of the middle-man between the three drinks, not as strong as the espresso but not as milky as the latte. I felt the caffeine wearing off near the end of the day, but it did get me through my classes.

This one was the sweetest out of the three. If you’re in need of caffeine but don’t love the coffee taste quite as much, this is the perfect drink for you. However, I found myself dozing off through some of my classes later in the day.

After this small coffee-drinking journey, I would say the cappuccino was my favorite since it wasn’t too strong but kept me going through the day. But the thing I learned and loved the most about coffee is that it’s completely do-it-yourself; you can choose to add more sugar, milk, creamer, etc., to your liking. I’m no coffee expert, so go to the dining commons, whip yourself up a cup of joe and see what works best for you!