Courtesy of Tour Mandalay

After playing lacrosse with the boys, my boyfriend came to spend Valentine’s Day with me. I guess he wanted to spend time with me really badly because he didn’t shower or anything before. Like, he literally just raced over. When he got to my dorm, he pulled up YouTube and put on an hour long New Year’s Eve trap music playlist, because nothing gets me wet like a beat.

Almost immediately, he was fully erect. His enthusiasm is just always making me feel confident and secure like that. He gets me and that’s one of the things I love about him. He was nodding his head to the beat of the YouTube playlist, as I was giving him a handjob, synchronizing his movements to the beat of the music. I think he had been saving up for me, because he shot his fireworks (just like the fireworks that were in the background of the YouTube display) within a minute of me giving him a handjob. It was so nice that he came before sex so he could last longer for me and satisfy my needs. He treats me right.

Things heated up pretty quickly after and we did missionary for three minutes. His face was on my neck the entire time. Not kissing it — just breathing hot, heavy, and moist air onto it. It made me feel so close to him. Even though his thrusting was really fast paced, his upper body was limp, almost like he wanted me to support him. We were a team, both emotionally and physically. The blaring trap music, his constant breath, and his fast pumping all came together in a beautiful trio of rhythms, like the work of some famous jazz musician like Neil Armstrong. There were no words or other noises. We didn’t need that. Getting lost in the music and our bodies is all I wanted on the hottest, most romantic holiday of the year.

After three minutes, he came, pulled out, and muttered fuck under his breath. He then took my monochromed S’well bottle off my desk and poured water into the condom until the water/cum mixture overflowed, spilling onto my floor. This just — I’m not even exactly sure how to describe it — like, made me hornier than I had ever been in my entire life. Just the thought of his cum all up in the fibers of my carpet forever is potentially the best Valentine’s Day present I could have ever asked for.

After filling the condom, he asked me for the first time if I was on birth control. This just reinforced why I am with him. He supports me and cares for me. He also asked me if I wanted to hit the PHIX, because JUULing is for pussies, and my man is far from that.


Kortni KondӦm is a fun-loving junior that cites Nicolas Sparks as the greatest author of all time.