The Daily Nexus photo team captured some memorable shots of UCSB students’ first week back. Students hit the ground running for Fall Quarter with a fun-filled week, from stargazing and tumbling practice to literal streamlined Naruto-running down the streets of Isla Vista.

Photos by Daily Nexus photographers

Nexus photographer Anthony Lai explored the camping grounds of Gaviota State Park and took pictures of his first Milky Way. Anthony Lai / Daily Nexus


Away from city lights, Gaviota State Park  provides clear views of the starry night sky. Anthony Lai / Daily Nexus


A couple piggyback walks along the beach at Coal Oil Point on a misty day. Anthony Lai / Daily Nexus


William Pearce, second-year student and new coach for Spirals, drills his flares on the mushroom since the pommel horse is soon being brought back into the gym. McLane Brown / Daily Nexus


With fall cheer tryouts coming up, a group of first years practice some synchronized toe touch jumps and worked with current UCSB cheerleaders. McLane Brown / Daily Nexus


Cheer captain Jonathan Sturholm and teammate Drew Janssen practice hand to hands on the floor. McLane Brown / Daily Nexus


Jake Morenc, drummer of local I.V. band The Mallards, performs at a house on Del Playa Drive last Friday night. Campbell Nolan / Daily Nexus


Liza Benabbas, creator of the “Run like Naruto down Del Playa Drive” event on Facebook, prepares for take off as the event is about to begin. Michelle Sharp / Daily Nexus


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