If you are anything like the rest of the human population, then there is a good chance you spend hour upon hour scrolling through Pinterest, moaning about how you will never be able to replicate any of the aesthetically pleasing foods you come across.
However, these appealing photos seem to have led us astray. Otherwise simple recipes can resemble something straight out of a magazine, rather than something you would expect to find in your own kitchen. The recipe below proves that you, too, can live just as trendy a lifestyle as all of your favorite internet celebrities — or at least pretend to, anyway.

Tiffany Velazquez / Daily Nexus

1 packet frozen acai berry blend
⅓ cup raspberries
⅓ cup blackberries
⅓ cup blueberries
½ cup almond milk
1 tbsp. chia seeds
¼ cup granola

Blend the frozen acai packet, berries and almond milk until mixture is smooth. Feel free to stop the blender at times and break down the mixture as needed. Transfer to a bowl and top with as many chia seeds, granola crumbles and berries as you desire. Beyond being incredibly easy to make, acai bowls are extremely versatile. Feel free to get creative, switching out the berries or adding extra toppings according to your personal taste. Do not forget to snap a picture before tasting, and remember to post a picture of your beautiful, aesthetically pleasing creation for your followers to admire. No more dragging yourself out of bed for Blenders in the morning for breakfast!


Tiffany Velazquez
Tiffany is the On The Menu Co-Editor and has been at the Nexus since spring of her freshman year. When not working on the paper, she is the literal embodiment of an English major and can survive on coffee alone.