Kenneth Song / Daily Nexus

Most people hurry through the Arbor with their heads low and their shoulders hunched, hoping to avoid human contact. I used to be that way, too, until a chance encounter led me to the love of my life.

It was around noon on a Tuesday — prime sidewalk recruitment time. I was vulnerable without my earphones that I had lent to my roommate that morning so I wouldn’t have to hear her country music. A clipboarder saw the opportunity and leapt into my direct path. I was momentarily stunned by his deep brown eyes, curly hair and crooked smile.

“Hey, have you pledged CALPIRG yet?”

“Um, I’m kind of running late,” I said weakly. He had caught me off my game. He started walking with me. At first he was just telling me about all the activism they did, but the conversation turned to our favorite books and movies, our goals and aspirations. In the end, he asked for my number.

Three years, two dogs and countless games of Gauchoball later, we’re still together and happier than we ever have been.  


Emma Lee is totally not a pseudonym and this story totally took place in real life.