Before you start planning your summer trips to far-off places, while avoiding studying for your midterms, you need to consider one key thing: what you’re going to eat when you get there. While California offers multiple amusement parks, Universal Studios truly stands apart when it comes to fun times and creative cuisine. Below is a list of restaurants, cafés, shops and food joints that you should check out during your next trip to Universal Studios and CityWalk.

Lard Lad Infamous Pink Donut

This treat is appropriately named The Big Pink and can be found just inside Springfield. This giant treat, which is about the size of your head, comes at a tiny price. At just under $6, this is one of the best-priced snacks you can find at the park. You can grab this pink treat or choose from several other Simpson-y creations, including apple fritters, ice cream and sundaes. One bite of this and you’ll understand why Homer sold his soul to the Devil for one way back in season five.

The Three Broomsticks

If you’re anything like me, you’re going to spend hours in Hogsmeade to spend your hard-earned sickles and galleons on Harry Potter merch. Once you’re stocked up on magical school supplies, take a break and head into the Three Broomsticks for a quick treat. This rustic tavern offers a wide variety of mystical meals and is the only place in the park that offers Butterbeer ice cream. Dig into some classic British delights like fish and chips, shepherd’s pie and cornish pasties. While you’re enjoying your food, you’ll be surrounded by the same magical atmosphere that Harry experienced when he was back at school.

Moe’s Tavern

Another iconic restaurant hidden in Springfield can be found right across from the Simpsons ride. At Moe’s Tavern, you can try an authentic Flaming Moe, a non-alcoholic drink that smokes and sizzles while you sip. Customers who are over the age of 21 can also enjoy a real Duff Beer, which is locally brewed and can only be found at this park. Before you stumble home, be sure to try out the famous Love Tester Machine.

Despicable Delights

This quaint little shop is perfect for the younger crowd or anyone who is a fan of over-the-top evil plots to steal the moon. It’s located near the Despicable Me Minion Mayhem attraction and boasts of chocolate-dipped bananas, churros and other delicious snacks. There’s even a customizable Freeze Ray Smoothie that’ll leave any Minion feeling refreshed.

Jurassic Café

If you find yourself in the lower lot, be sure to stop by the Jurassic Café for a quick bite to eat. Once you’ve escaped the velociraptors on the Jurassic Park ride, you can stop here to re-energize. This café has a huge selection of meals, including pizza, gourmet burgers, roasted chicken, fresh salad and giant turkey legs that all carnivores can enjoy.

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

This restaurant can be found outside of Universal Studios near the center of CityWalk. Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. pays homage to the film “Forrest Gump” that inspired the food chain. If you decide to stop in, you’ll find an array of Southern classics that make an appearance in the film, including their famous shrimp dishes, baby back ribs, fresh fish, jambalaya and homemade desserts. While waiting for your meals, employees also put on trivia games that Forrest fans are sure to appreciate.


Everyone with a sweet tooth is going to want to stop by this store before they leave for the day. Loaded with every type of candy imaginable and beautifully decorated with vibrant colors, this candy shop is a nostalgic childhood dream come true. This idyllic little shop has a ton of unpredictable surprises and sweets that can’t be found anywhere else. Stopping at this real-life Candyland is definitely going to be worth a few cavities.