The Associated Students (A.S.) Senate passed a resolution on Wednesday renaming A.S. Publications after David Miller, an A.S. print shop employee of five years who passed away last month.

The resolution was passed to “commemorate his life and honor his service to the student body” by renaming the shop “David Miller A.S. Publications.”

A.S. Publications is a partially subsidized low-cost printing business available to UC Santa Barbara students, staff and faculty.

Miller worked as assistant publications coordinator, organizing and designing course readers with professors, and helping students and professors design flyers and posters for campus organizations.

The resolution was authored by Ashley Selki, an off-campus senator and third-year economics major, and was seconded by Batsheva Stoll, an off-campus senator and third-year history of public policy major.

The motion praises Miller and says he “was a good man with a wonderful work ethic who was dedicated to supporting student endeavors.”

Selki said she decided to author the resolution in order for people struggling in “these difficult times” to have a tangible way to honor his memory and for future students to appreciate the impact that his work had on helping students at UCSB.

Selki said she hopes students in the future who will never have been able to meet him will take the name of the print shop as a dedication to his hard work.

“What a wonderful man David Miller was and how much we appreciate everything that he’s done for the association. He will be deeply missed,” Selki said.

A.S. Publications can be found in UCen Room 1531 near the A.S. Ticket Office and the MultiCultural Center.