The first week back and the sunshine already has us itching for a party, but do not fear, because Deltopia is here. A perfectly good excuse to party and enjoy excess before the stress of the Spring Quarter sets in, Deltopia is a tradition derived from the yearly celebration that is now merely a legend of Floatopia. However, while everyone is getting their freak on, On the Menu has a rule that states to never party on an empty stomach. While you walk around soaking in the sun and spirits, grab some gluttonous goodies on the go, be sure to fuel up with whatever you’re craving and, as always, stay safe.

Kevin Son / Daily Nexus

Something Sweet:

Ice cream is the perfect pick-me-up. Be sure to stop by I.V. Drip for a cookie-wich. A recommended combination of the churro ice cream with the snickerdoodle cookie is definitely a crowd pleaser, and the cinnamon combo is sure to ignite your taste buds for round two of the rally.

Slice It Up:

You’ll be on the go and wanting something savory without all the fuss. Make a stop at Pizza My Heart before the walk up DP for a quick and easy slice of pesto-drizzled pizza. Don’t forget the condiments; their “awesome” powder packs a huge flavor, and the green shark repellant sets your taste buds on fire.

Sugar Rush:

Of course, with all that walking around, it sure would be nice to have something to enjoy on the go. Stop by Sweet Alley and fill up a bag with their bulk candy bins, then use it to barter your way into parties or as a sugar-rush to get you through four o’clock fatigue. Either way, whether you like salty, super sweet or sour, your palate will be ready to party with a bag of bulk candy from Sweet Alley.

Wing It:

Finger foods, as you may have guessed, is the theme. Although there are the basics everyone knows and loves, sometimes it’s better to think outside the box and grab something a bit more substantial yet just as easily consumed on the go. Kaptain’s Firehouse BBQ offers many delicious smoked meats that scream block party, but often their portions require a sit-down with a bib and some baby wipes. But if you’re feeling fired up for some Firehouse, grab their three-piece smoked BBQ wings for something you can eat while keeping the ball rolling.

Feeling Fruity:

If you’re worried about bloating while rocking your new bikini, then try a small smoothie from Blenders; you’ll stay hydrated and satisfied without those extra calories you tried so hard to avoid over Spring Break.

Early Riser:

The early bird gets the worm, or in the case of Deltopia, the early bird gets the first keg stand. For all you go-getters and party-harders, what better way to start your day than the one and only Bagel Café? As the old frat boy’s tale states, bread will keep you from getting drunk, and although we know this to not be true (thanks, Alcohol Edu), we still know that a delicious bagel with all our favorite fixings certainly isn’t the worst way to start a rager.


Guilty pleasures are a must this weekend, and who doesn’t just love a tub of bite-size fried chicken to much on. That’s right Fire & Ice, the Ice Milk Company, has Hawaiian popcorn chicken and sweet potato fries to satisfy your cravings on the go. While you are there, don’t forget to get some boba, which comes in a variety of different flavors to accompany your dish giving you, as the name suggests, a fire and ice combo to enjoy. #detoxtoretox