Let me say right off the bat: I love hot Cheetos. I also love corn, especially the Mexican street food favorite, elote, that is so often sold in front of the Student Resource Building. So, when a video from YouTube channel Wendy’s Eating Show showcasing Mukbang YouTuber Wendy eating Flamin’ Hot Cheetos corn on the cob surfaced the internet, you bet I was captivated. Wendy obviously enjoyed it, but then again, half of her videos consist of hot Cheeto flavored foods. I was going to have to test this myself. I thought to myself, “This could either be the best thing to ever happen to me, or it might just be the biggest disappointment.” Though a part of me knew it would be the latter, this was a concept worth sacrificing my taste buds for.

I gathered all the necessary ingredients and got ready for my taste test. Throughout my preparation, my friends watched me in distaste and consistently reminded me that they were “borderline throwing up” and that I was “so disgusting, honestly.” I really couldn’t blame them; the room started to smell really bad. Desperately hoping that somehow the corn would miraculously taste like heaven, I started doubting more and more that this would actually be good. Come on, hot Cheetos with corn? My expectations lowered, knowing this wouldn’t go well no matter how much I loved hot Cheetos and corn. Maybe I was just destined to love them separately, much like when two friends get into a relationship that you want no business in.

Scattering the last bits of hot Cheeto powder over the cob, I was ready. My friends swore they would never eat something so disgusting and anticipated my reaction (from a far distance with their noses covered, of course). It was game time. I took my first bite and began taking in all the fiery madness. The room was silent as my friends expected me to spit or cry.

Anna Bui / Daily Nexus

“How was it?”
One word. “Dank.”
The hot Cheetos elote completely exceeded my expectations. It was so good that I made another one (and another one the next day). Eating so much was not one of my healthiest choices and ultimately lead me to give up hot Cheetos for Lent, but I urge all you hot Cheetos or elote enthusiasts to give this a shot at least once. The process isn’t the cleanest experience and may stink up your room, but the final product is so worth the trip to the bathroom and smelling like mayonnaise. I am grateful that YouTuber Wendy allowed me to experience the glory of hot Cheetos corn on the cob, because she was right: “This is next level.”

What You’ll Need
Cotija cheese (Parmesan can be a substitute)
Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Puffs

Crush your hot Cheetos until it has a powder-like consistency. Some people use regular hot Cheetos, but I personally think the puffs yield a better consistency.
Cook your corn cob in boiling water for about 5-10 minutes. Let cool enough to touch.
Gently slather butter all over the cob.
Slather the mayonnaise.
Cover the cob with cotija cheese.
Finally, cover the cob with the Cheeto powder and devour!
Note: If you prefer to eat it in a cleaner fashion, cut off all the kernels and eat it in a bowl!