Hello, Isla Vistans! Hope y’all enjoyed the three-day weekend! With Week Seven coming to an end, may this temporary sunshine warm your hardened hearts from any disappointing midterm grades. Do not let the dings of adversity destroy your surfboard of life. Leash up and jog adventurously to the lineup of ‘Ol Blue this weekend! Here’s what you will be running toward:

Friday: 2-3 feet average, fair conditions

Saturday: 1-2 feet average, poor to fair conditions

Sunday: 1-2 feet average, poor to fair conditions

Friday will be mostly sunny, ranging from high of 58 to low of 44 degrees. Saturday and Sunday will be partly cloudy, with Saturday ranging from 57 to 44 and Sunday with a high of 55 to low of 48. Honestly, it’s looking pretty meh over the board. At least no more rain, right?

Also, this weekend will be a west swell weekend with Sunday transitioning to a SW swell in the afternoon. Friday is the best day with knee- to thigh-high waves with five to ten mile per hour winds in the morning and decreasing winds with glassy conditions in the afternoon.

Not the best weekend for surf, but hit it up on Friday before the turtle crawl of Saturday and Sunday come slugging along. I am hoping for some bigger waves once March comes, so knock on fiberglass. ‘Til next time, shaaaa’ dudes.