Welcome to UCSB’s most credible source of surf this side of Sands.

Whether you’ve been sponsored, grew up by the ocean or just wandered into Costco with $100 thinking, “Might as well buy that foamie,” you are where you are supposed to be. So let’s see what ‘ol blue is doing right now.

Hawaii is being hit with a strong north-northeast (NNE) swell right now but should fade on Feb. 3, according to surfline.com. A solid west-northwest (WNW) and northwest (NW) swell hits Saturday and dies by Sunday. If Hawaii is getting these swells, expect good ‘ol SB to get the same to a lesser degree.

Here’s our outlook for Feb. 3-5:

Friday: averaging five to seven feet with rain before 10 a.m.

Saturday: averaging five to six feet with rain before 12 p.m., if any.

Sunday: averaging two to three feet, possibly scattered rain with some nasty winds blowing.

Saturday should be the best day to go out. The rest of next week is looking on the low side, averaging two to three feet, but it’ll pick up again next Saturday, so the weekends are looking good!

Just remember, better to be pitted than to have never pitted at all.