If you’re planning a trip to L.A. anytime soon, here is a cafe you should make an effort to visit. With the the large variety of amazing restaurants in Los Angeles, Urth Caffé stands out and gains its popularity from its organic drinks, sandwiches and salads. Located right off Melrose Avenue in the heart of Los Angeles, the organic teahouse has become a brunch spot for locals, tourists and celebrities.

The outside patio and order-your-own style makes Urth Caffé a casual  yet relaxing environment. The restaurant’s menu provides a wide variety of food fit for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It also provides an extensive on-the-go menu if you are unable to eat on site. Those who practice a vegan or vegetarian diet are largely recognized on the menu, as there are many meatless options available.

For brunch, my cashier recommended the Caravan Kale Salad, which includes red quinoa, roasted yams, heirloom tomatoes and ricotta salata cheese. The greens were tossed in pomegranate vinaigrette, giving the salad a fruit-like taste. The $14 salad also comes with a sizeable piece of sourdough bread with butter. The combination of kale, yam, quinoa and tomatoes gives the salad multiple textures and flavors. From the sweetness of the roasted yams to the crunch of the pita chips, the Caravan Kale Salad is a must at Urth Caffé.  This signature salad feels really good to eat and left me full until later in the day. From someone who isn’t a big fan of kale, I was thoroughly impressed with the flavor of this salad.

My table also shared the famous New York Cheesecake. At a $7 price tag, I expected the cheesecake to be exquisite. Unfortunately, the New York Cheesecake did not live up to its reputation as the “very best in Los Angeles.” The creaminess and richness of the cake were overwhelming. Between my two friends and me, we were unable to finish the dessert due to its heavy taste and creamy texture. The glazed strawberry, however, made the cheesecake more bearable. I hope to try either the Matcha Tiramisú or the Urth Napoleon during my next visit, as those were sold out earlier in the morning.

Overall, I would recommend trying Urth Caffé. Although pricy, Urth brings quality food, a wide array of teas and desserts and a hip and relaxing ambiance. Urth Caffé is also centrally located in the heart of Los Angeles, making it easy to sightsee, shop and explore the many wonders of L.A.. If you are ever in Los Angeles, be sure to stop by one of the many Urth locations for breakfast, lunch or dinner!