Kevin Son / Daily Nexus

Kevin Son / Daily Nexus

1. Making mashed potatoes? Boil your potatoes first, let them cool and then peel them. The potato skin just falls off which saves you a lot of time and
elbow grease!

2. Spices can be expensive, so in order to make sure you have a flavorful meal, keep these essential spices on hand. Garlic powder or garlic salt (I cannot stress this enough), red pepper chili flakes, Italian seasoning and onion powder should be permanent pantry residents. With these in your wheelhouse, you’re sure to have

kickass flavor.

3. Does your burrito always fall apart and essentially ruin your life? Try a quick grill on both sides of the burrito post-rolled to seal in your filling. Trust me, it works!

4. Did you leave that carton of eggs in the fridge too long and are now unsure if they are good because the grocery store rudely gave you the “sell by” date and neglected the “best by” date? Drop an egg in water; if it floats, it’s spoiled.

5. A good alternative to ice cream is blended frozen bananas! It’ll taste just like banana soft serve and is a lot
healthier for you!