Hari Patel / Daily Nexus

Spencer Brandt is running unopposed for a four-year seat on the proposed Community Services District board of directors. Hari Patel / Daily Nexus

Spencer Brandt first became involved in the self-governance initiative while covering such meetings as a Nexus photographer. Although this makes us glad, it is not the reason we are endorsing him for one of the four-year seats on the Community Services District (CSD) board of directors.

Brandt has the knowledge and attention to detail to be a board member.

Brandt admits he has no experience as an elected official and that, prior to recently joining the self-governance initiative, his political knowledge was rooted in “reading and writing.”

Currently a second-year student, Brandt said “we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it” when asked about his plans after his four-year term is completed.


  1. Tenant-Landlord Mediation: Brandt hopes to ensure that a tenant-landlord mediation structure is available for Isla Vistans as soon as possible if the CSD is formed.
  2. Community Policing: To improve public safety issues, Brandt hopes to use the CSD’s policing powers to influence change with significant community input. “If history over the last couple years…has shown us anything,” Brandt said. “Snapping your fingers & making a big change doesn’t solve everything.”
  3. MAC: Brandt believes the Municipal Advisory Council (MAC) would give Isla Vistans a place to address issues that are not included in the CSD’s powers. “That’s where we would be in partnership with the county,” Brandt said.

“I think that the biggest thing is going to be that we are using the resources that we have in the most effective way,” Brandt said. “$500,000 to run a government is not a whole lot of money.”

Is the CSD a grassroots movement? “100 percent. That’s one of the reasons I’m so passionate about this.”

What’s your superpower? “Invisibility, so I can hang out in my room by myself,” said Brandt, who describes himself as an introvert.