Hari Patel / Daily Nexus

Ethan Bertrand is running for the permanent two-year seat in the proposed Community Services District board of directors. Hari Patel / Daily Nexus

Ethan Bertrand’s opponent, Joel Ruiz, suspended his campaign early in the race. While this technically means Bertrand is unopposed for the permanent two-year seat, Ruiz’s name will still appear on the ballot alongside Bertrand. The Nexus advocates that students and Isla Vista residents vote for Bertrand.

Bertrand offers something to the Community Services District (CSD) board of directors which no other candidate can boast: experience on a special district board. His year-and-three-months of serving on the Isla Vista Recreation and Park District (IVRPD) board of directors benefits him with a prowess for bringing necessary services to I.V. residents.

He has a deep knowledge of the intricacies of Isla Vista government. Bertrand is a former I.V. community representative for the student government at Santa Barbara City College (SBCC). As such, he serves as a more-than-capable representative for the SBCC student population in Isla Vista.

On top of that, Bertrand has continually expressed a sincere devotion to serving the Hispanic families of Isla Vista, which will undoubtedly be the best step forward for democratizing the CSD movement.


  1. Police in I.V.: Bertrand said he intends to make Isla Vista a safer place through the CSD’s community policing power.
  2. MAC and APC: Bertrand wants to establish a Municipal Advisory Council (MAC) and an Area Planning Commission (APC) to “give us a bigger seat at the table.”
  3. Tenant-Landlord Mediation: Bertrand said he hopes to change “what it means to rent in Isla Vista” by making it fair.

Is the CSD a grassroots movement? Yes.

What’s your superpower? “I always try to be super positive in difficult situations.”