Students were unable to register for Winter courses starting at approximately 7 p.m. Friday when Gaucho On-Line Services (GOLD) began experiencing technical difficulties.

Although students with Junior and Senior standing have already chosen their courses, students with Sophomore and Freshman standing were in the middle of registration for Pass 1.

“I’m honestly not surprised” said Nevnit Gill, a first-year biopsychology major. “After orientation I had low expectations for GOLD. It definitely messed with my plans though.”

While some students were able to access the course registration page before they received an error message, others were prevented from searching course listings altogether. An error message read, “An exception has occurred in the application – please login again.”

“I have nothing,” said Melina Gharibian, a first-year biology major.

A few students were able to access GOLD at 10 p.m. Friday, but most continued to experience difficulty with the website. The error message directed students to email if the problem persisted.

“All that glitters is not gold,” said Sophia Bajak, a first-year communication major.

This article will be updated with more information once it becomes available.

Deepika Chandrashekar, Aly Giammanco, Tamarai Dzotsenidze, Josie Baez and Aisha Khan contributed reporting.

Update 12:15 a.m.: GOLD is working properly, and students are able to sign up for courses.