Courtesy SoHo, Shawn Brackbill Photo

Courtesy SoHo, Shawn Brackbill Photo

Wild Nothing, creators of euphoric, dreamy music, are coming to Downtown Santa Barbara. Wild Nothing is a critically acclaimed indie-pop band solely created by Jack Tatum in 2009. At the time, Tatum was finishing his senior year of college, but that didn’t stop him from releasing Wild Nothing’s debut album Gemini, which brought an immense amount of attention to Tatum’s dreamlike and nostalgic style.

Gemini features a variety of songs that showcase Tatum’s unique approach to creating music. The songs feature beautiful and whimsical keyboard sounds as well as simple but sweet additions from the guitar. Gemini ultimately evokes a sense of longing through Tatum’s dim lyrics, but still presents hints of light by pairing soft pop beats with peaceful rhythms. The initial song on this album, “Live in Dreams,” immediately represents the more somber approach Tatum takes when writing lyrics and creating sounds. Other songs on this album such as “Bored Games” and “Summer Holiday” are calm, beautiful tracks that force you to feel nostalgic for anything, whether it’s childhood, old love or a past memory. Wild Nothing knows how to be an innovative force in the current indie music scene.  Tatum effortlessly makes you grasp the sentiment and longing you’ve pushed back and tried to rid yourself of. The talented indie artist cultivates within listeners that it is okay to be feel nostalgia and to reflect on the beauty of the past. This is ultimately what Wild Nothing does to us with Gemini and this is without a doubt what to expect if you catch them in concert at the SOhO Restaurant and Music Club on Tuesday, Oct. 18.

Tatum continued to develop his synth-heavy brand of music with the release of perhaps Wild Nothing’s most acclaimed album, Nocturne. This album shares similar stylistic traits as Gemini, but Tatum dives deeper in providing a more soothing and holistic sound for listeners. The leading tracks on Nocturne, “Paradise” and “Shadow,” are undeniably luscious, gentle and blissful songs. This album and Wild Nothing collectively are the epitome of ‘80s dream-pop, a unique quality that Wild Nothing brings to the current indie scene. Each song on Nocturne possesses delicate rhythms and soft, alluring sounds that paint light-colored images. “Through the Grass” and “Nocturne” are just two of the many songs on this album that give listeners a truly introspective experience, and this is what makes Wild Nothing such an avant-garde project in the indie music realm. Overall, Tatum does an exceedingly well job of crafting glimmering and echoing sounds with Nocturne, and provides listeners a simply beautiful, elegant and delicate album to indulge in.

Wild Nothing is definitely worth seeing live. Having played at major festivals such as Coachella and FYF, this band knows how to put on a euphoric performance. Wild Nothing is probably one of the most raw, reflective and whimsical-sounding bands in the indie music scene today.

If you want to experience Wild Nothing’s beautiful world of dream-pop, head down to Santa Barbara’s SOhO Restaurant and Music Club tonight. Tickets are $17 presale and $20 at the door. Visit for more information.