After checking his schedule once before leaving home, once after parking his bike and three times on the walk to South Hall 1738, Aaron Wright still felt like he was in the wrong place upon walking into the overfilled lecture hall. Taking his first steps through the threshold, he immediately wished he could go back outside and double-check the number on the door one more time.

“There was no turning back at that point, so I took a seat and committed,” Wright said about the harrowing experience.

Due to crippling social anxiety, asking someone sitting nearby about what class he was in was utterly out of the question, so Wright took to other means of finding out.

“If someone in front of me could pull up their G.O.L.D. or write the class title on the top of their page, I would feel a lot better right now.”

After minutes of desperate scanning of the rows in front of him, Wright thought his salvation had finally come after the professor took his sweet time loading his introductory PowerPoint. However, his heart sank when the first slide came up and simply read “September 26: Introduction” on a white background.

“At this point, I’m too strung out to get up and leave without definitely embarrassing myself on the way out, so I guess I’ll just put my name on the sign-in sheet and hope for the best.”

Wright was last seen getting lost on the way to his next section.


Jasmine Vaughn is a third-year communication major who sits in the back of the classroom so she can read people’s G.O.L.D. calendars.