Stevan Abdalmalik

Stevan Abdalmalik, third-year political science major. Daily Nexus Photography Staff

The External Vice President of Statewide Affairs (EVPSA) is an extremely demanding role, requiring a firm and unwavering focus on the needs of our student body. Stevan Abdalmalik, EVPSA candidate for The Response, is unmatched in his knowledge as a candidate for the office, commanding a thorough grasp on the organizational structure of our university as well as our state.

Abdalmalik’s campaign goals focus on open-source textbooks, voter registration, mental health reform and affordable college access. Abdalmalik has served as an executive member of the University of California Student Association, senator for Associated Students and has worked with legislators in Sacramento to address tuition increases and student services at the UC.

While he believes that mental health services at UC Santa Barbara have improved through efforts such as the #HowAreYou campaign, he supports incentivizing the UC to fund mental health services with dollar-for-dollar matching to expand Counseling and Psychological Services at UCSB.

To make textbooks available for all students, Abdalmalik supports the implementation of open-source textbooks, which are available online and free to use. The program would be funded in part by the university and would incentivize professors who use the service.

Abdalmalik, a self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist, believes that labor unions are liberals’ “only hope” to pass legislation and has been actively involved in the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) labor union.

“My vision is radically different than anything that has happened before, but I genuinely believe it is better than anything that has happened before.” — Stevan Abdalmalik

The EVPSA will often be called upon to push for difficult changes, and Abdalmalik will surely rise to the challenge. However, as a representative for all students, he must maintain a commitment to open dialogue and prioritize the student body’s goals over his own.