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When the boiler plate definition of an electronic music festival is invoked, a number of images are generally called to mind: booming bass music, fuzzy leggings and, perhaps, some night clubbers on a weekend getaway. On Memorial Day Weekend, May 20 to 25, Lightning in a Bottle will be shedding almost all electronic festival stereotypes in an effort to reimagine the festival experience.

Hosted by the California-based production company The Do LaB, Lightning in a Bottle will be celebrating its 16th birthday this year in the scenic central coast town of Bradley, CA. The Do LaB’s main goal is to tackle the music festival experience with a mind for showcasing visual arts, curating immersive workshops, promoting environmental sustainability and, of course, offering the best in alternative electronica. If you haven’t made the pilgrimage to LiB before or are on the fence, listen up.

One of the big draws of LiB is the sheer number of world-renowned minds that come to host lectures and workshops. The Temple of Consciousness will offer yoga sessions, discussions on spirituality and the occasional musician. If you find yourself working up an appetite from an early morning meditation session, your next destination will be The Learning Kitchen, which offers a host of various nutritional workshops and the necessitated tasting samples.

At LiB music is less the main attraction and more of a conduit for creating a transformative festival experience. However, the festival still manages to boast one of the most impressive lineups in the indie electronic scene. LiB will be headlined by festival circuit veterans Chet Faker, Grimes, Big Gigantic and Jamie xx. The undercard is also sporting a number of big bass acts in the form of Mija, G Jones, Four Tet and Hayden James. If you’re looking for a divergence from the typical festival formula or even just an early summer vacation, Bradley, CA on Memorial Day weekend is the destination for you.