Lianna Nakashima/Daily Nexus

Lianna Nakashima/Daily Nexus

As you drive the busy streets of Los Angeles, “Home” awaits on the corner across from a gas station. The adorable, quaint signage, representative of a home, in addition to the smaller signage underneath listing breakfast, lunch, dinner and cocktails allows passersby to see the limitless possibilities Home offers.
Home has two locations, one in Silverlake and the other in Los Feliz, both of which are known for hip and trendy eateries, shops and more. Home matches one’s expectations for an eatery in Silverlake with miniature iridescent light bulbs hanging from strings across the outdoor eating area. When entering, guests are greeted with koi fish to their left and right in small rectangular pools. The outside seating area is vast with booths and tables surrounding the exterior and interior.

Luckily, booths and tables on the exterior are protected by shades to allow consumers to comfortably enjoy Home’s food while El Niño is amongst us. Even during those rainy days in the afternoon, you can order breakfast all day! Serving your typical American breakfast from benedicts, omelets, pancakes, french toast and the unforgettable waffles with fried chicken.

In addition to traditional favorites, Home also offers “South of the Border” cuisine like burritos, quesadillas and chilaquiles. My personal favorite is the huevos rancheros that are nestled beneath a “crispy corn tortilla topped with HOMEmade black beans, two fresh eggs over medium, fire roasted tomato, pepper ranchero sauce, melted jack and cheddar cheese.” In addition to guacamole on the side, this traditional Mexican dish comes with HOMEfries or fruit. The fresh ingredients and contrasting textures from the crispy tortilla and the buttery eggs satisfied my craving for a high-protein dish. The coldness of the guacamole complementing the melted cheese made my tummy happy.

Home serves a variety of expected lunch items like salads, hot or cold sandwiches, burgers, soups and wraps. Although Home offers both lunch and dinner entrees, I was drawn more to the breakfast menu, but when I return, I have plans to try their enticing entrees like tuna tartare, fried calamari, kale pesto linguini and pan seared salmon filet.

If you want to feel at “home” enjoying traditional dishes for all three meals of the day in addition to the occasional surprise like crab benedict, crispy onion burger and filet mignon medallions, then head on over to Home and try this delicious restaurant.