The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office arrested four people wanted in connection with a home invasion robbery that occurred Jan. 29, 2016 on Madrid Rd. and Camino Pescadero in Isla Vista.

At approximately 4 p.m. on Jan. 29, second-year Carissa Garcia, 19, Palm Springs resident Kenyatta White, 19, and a 17-year-old male allegedly forced their way into the residence and began taking personal property of the residents. One of the suspects was allegedly armed with a souvenir baseball bat, according to the Santa Barbara Sherrif’s Office (SBSO). During the course of the robbery, one male victim sustained a black eye and another male victim broke his hand. Within the same night, SBSO identified a female driver of the getaway vehicle as first-year student Breanna Kromer, 18, and she was taken into police custody after a traffic stop on Embarcadero Del Mar. Kromer was booked into the Santa Barbara County Jail on charges of robbery, resisting arrest and conspiracy. Public Information Officer for SBSO Kelly Hoover said one of the suspects was familiar with a resident at the location, and the incident “wasn’t a random crime.”

Garcia was arrested the next day and booked into the jail on charges of first degree robbery and criminal conspiracy.

On Jan. 31, SBSO arrested White and the 17-year-old male after receiving an anonymous tip about their location at a residence on the 900 block of Camino Lindo. SBSO, along with I.V. Foot Patrol, attempted to contact the suspects, but the suspects refused to comply. UCPD officers set up a perimeter and contained the area. After entering the residence with the K-9 Unit, the officers were able to arrest and book White and the 17-year-old for robbery, conspiracy and resisting arrest.

White is still in police custody and is being held on $100,000 bail, according to SBSO. The juvenile was released with pending charges.

Garcia is currently on a conditional own recognizance release (OR). Benjamin T. Ladinig, chief prosecutor for the case, said the court released Garcia on OR due to the recommendation of the Santa Barbara County Jail conditional own recognizance release/bail release (OR/BR) unit.

According to the OR/BR report by the Santa Barbara County Superior Court, SBSO arresting officer said Garcia “made threats against the victim during jail phone calls.” Prior to Garcia’s release, alleged victims one and two provided similar input, with victim two saying he feared Garcia may return to the residence to retaliate.

As references in the report, Garcia’s parents described her as “a good kid, trustworthy and very responsible,” adding they were unaware of Garcia having any issues involving alcohol or drugs. The references also expressed certainty that Garcia would appear in court and abide by conditions of release.

Kromer’s bail was posted at $100,000, but Judge Clifford Anderson reduced it to $50,000 after the pretrial. Kromer posted bail and was released. Kromer was denied an own recognizance release “due to lack of reference input and unverified personal information,” according to the OR/BR report.

Kromer’s father said in the report that she had “control” issues with alcohol and she “periodically uses marijuana.” Kromer’s mother cited past alcohol and drug use, not including current usage, and said the subject is in need of counseling. Kromer’s mother described her as “dependable, loyal and responsible” but said she is not currently taking her medication and is “headed down a bad path.”

The Santa Barbara Independent reported that in court Monday, public defense attorney Mark Owens claimed Kromer received no medications during her time in jail. In response, Hoover said “there are several procedures in place when an inmate is booked at the jail and at no time was there ever any indication that there was medication that was prescribed to her. The first time the jail knew of this issue was during court.”

The University was unable to provide a comment regarding the academic status of the students after the incident.

Hoover said there is a possibility that drug involvement is a factor in the motivation for the robbery, but the case is under investigation.

The preliminary hearing for Garcia, Kromer and White will be held Feb. 24 at 1:30 p.m.

*This article has been updated from its original form to protect the privacy of a subject of this article.