Paris Cullen / Daily Nexus

Paris Cullen / Daily Nexus

The Associated Students Finance and Business Committee (A.S. F&B) met Monday in the State Street Room of the UCen to discuss funding requests from 27 campus organizations.

The meeting started with $53,003.88 in Office of Student Life, $5,264 in Student Initiated Outreach Program, $11,357 in culture weeks and graduation, $20,480 for sports teams, $5,856 for Academic teams and $5,565 in unallocated funds. A.S. F&B fully granted 11 requests, partially granted eleven requests, tabled four requests and denied one request.

Group: The Film Studio
Request: $6,75.30 for the Santa Barbara Digital Film Festival
Approved: $6,75.30 allocated

Group: Gamma Zeta Alpha Fraternity Inc.
Request: $2,957.87 for the Latino Youth Leadership Program
Partially Approved: $737 allocated

Group: UCSB Indus
Request: $1,760 for their 21st Annual South Asian Cultural Show “Too Hot”
Approved: $1,760 allocated

Group: UCen
Request: $600 for hosting UStudy, 24-hour study spaces during finals week Winter and Spring Quarters
Denied: $0 allocated

Group: Hermanos Unidos and Sigma Alpha Zeta
Request: $11,686.10 for the College Link Outreach Program
Partially Approved: $2,693 allocated

Group: Dance Marathon at UCSB
Request: $1,738 for the Dance Marathon
Request tabled indefinitely

Group: American Indian Student Association
Request: $600 to host Students Taking Action for Native Dreams and Success
Approved: $600 allocated

Group: Associated Student’s Womyn’s Commission
Request: $2,250 for honorarium for key speaker at the 5th Womxn of Color Conference
Request tabled indefinitely.

Group: Poet’s Club
Request: $750 for Poetry in the Hub
Partially Approved: $550 allocated

Group: Pride Club
Request: $1,350 for attending the Trans Asterisk Conference
Approved: $1,350 allocated

Group: Underwater Rugby
Request: $2,020 for the 2nd California Underwater Rugby Tournament
Partially Approved: $1,100 allocated

Group: SB Hacks
Request: $15,000 for the Second Annual UCSB Hackathon
Partially Approved: $6,461 allocated

Group: Pilipino Graduation
Request: $5,156.25 for the Pilipino Graduation
Partially Approved: $1,993 allocated

Group: Black Graduation
Request: $11,000 for the Black Graduation
Partially Approved: $8,000 allocated

Group: Lebanese Social Club
Request: $1,207.90 for the Lebanese Collegiate Network Conference
Approved: $1,207.90 allocated

Group: Olive Tree Initiative
Request: $360 for the Olive Tree Initiative National Retreat
Approved: $360 allocated

Group: Zeta Beta Phi
Request: $350 for their HERstory Brunch
Partially Approved: $300 with stipulation that they obtain utensils from A.S. Annex.

Group: Focus Media Journal
Request: $4,000 for their 36th volume in the Spring Quarter
Request tabled for one week, more funding information needed.

Group: Iaorana Te Otea
Request: $2,380 for their annual Luau
Partially Approved: $2,065 allocated

Group: United Students Against Sweatshops
Request: $3,750 for attendance to their national conference
Request tabled indefinitely.

Group: Queer and Trans People of Color Collective
Request: $6,425 for the Queer and Trans People of Color Conference
Partially Approved: $4,925 allocated

Group: UCSB Active Minds
Request: $278 for Eating Disorder Awareness Week
Approved: $278 allocated

Group: IEEE Photonics Society
Request: $150 for electrical engineering speakers
Approved: $150 allocated

Group: Pacific Islander Student Association
Request: $1,234 for a high school outreach program
Approved: $1,234 with the stipulation that they use water jugs and pumps instead of water bottles.

Group: Afrikan Black Coalition
Request: $15,003.43 for reallocation funds and subsidies
Approved: $15,003.43 allocated

Group: Reel Loud
Request: $52.50 for reallocation funds and rentals
Approved: $52.50 allocated

Group: Environmental Planning Coalition
Request: $3,500 for the American Planning Association Conference
Partially Approved: $2,500 allocated.