College is hard. We know. Getting up for an 8 a.m. lecture on a Friday is even harder. So here’s a fun game to get you through the day and serve as your pregame so you can get a head start on your wild night!

Supplies: Mixed drinks or wine (for the sips) and a flask with hard liquor (for the shots).

In Lecture:


theodysseyonline.comTake a sip every time an i>clicker falls

1. Take a sip every time an i>clicker falls
2. Take three sips if the batteries fall out too.
3. Take a shot if you professor shows up late.
4. Take a sip if someone asks a question the professor already answered.
5. Finish your drink if you are in a class that requires an i>clicker but doesn’t have an i>clicker question that day.
6. Take a shot if the person next to you takes your armrest.
7. Take two shots if someone has a coughing fit in the middle of lecture.
8. Take two sips if someone squeezes through a whole row of people just to sit in the empty seat in the middle … take an extra sip if their backpack hits you in the face.

On Midterm/Quiz Days:



In addition to the rules listed above, incorporate these rules to have an extra fun class period.

1. Take a shot if someone asks you if you have an extra scantron.
2. Take a shot if someone asks you for any school supplies that they would need for a quiz or midterm.
3. Take a sip for every person who walks in late.
4. Take a shot for every person who turns in their test within the first 15 minutes of getting it.
5. Take a sip every time you hear someone talk about how late they stayed up studying.
6. Finish the rest of the bottle when you finish your test.

In Section:



1. Take a sip if the TA asks a question and no one answers.
2. Take a shot if the TA calls on you because no one was answering.
3. Take two sips if you turn in homework that you did 10 minutes before your section started.
4. Take three sips if you have to look up your schedule to make sure you are in the right room since you recognize no one.
5. Take two sips if your section ends early.