Riley Esguerra/Daily Nexus

Riley Esguerra/Daily Nexus

The Associated Students Finance and Business Committee (A.S. F&B) met Monday in the Flying A Room of the UCen to consider 14 funding requests.

A.S. F&B began the meeting with $13,500 in Office of Student Life (OSL) funds, $6,340 in Senate Unallocated funds, $45,000 in Student Initiated Outreach Program funding, $28,000 in Culture Weeks and Graduations funding, $23,480 for sports teams and $15,300 for academic teams. A.S. F&B fully granted eight requests, partially granted five requests and tabled one.

Reel Loud Film Festival 2016 submitted a revised version of their budget, updated from last week’s request. A.S. F&B funded the festival $13,000.

The American Society for Mechanical Engineers (ASME) requested $8,000 to install solar lights in Greek Park, part of a larger project to install solar lights throughout Isla Vista. The installation at Greek Park will serve as a prototype for the larger project.

Third-year mechanical engineering major Matt DeVogelaere said the project is designed to combat the infrastructure deficiencies in I.V.

“We’re requesting money to provide solar power in Isla Vista, hopefully starting with Greek Park,” DeVogelaere said. “Isla Vista has suffered from insufficient infrastructure advancements and we would love to have lights in our parks.”

A.S. F&B tabled the request indefinitely and requested ASME collaborate with A.S. and the Engineering Student Council to develop more precise plans for the project.

Entrepreneur Association requested $8,210 to host “Startup Weekend: UCSB” from Jan. 14 to 16.

Fourth-year Dillon Cao said the event is designed to encourage future entrepreneurs to develop their ideas and give them an opportunity to pitch their ideas.

“The purpose of the event is to help turn ideas into businesses,” Cao said. “Participants will get a chance to pitch their ideas, form teams, work in their groups to businesses and present their businesses to judges and potential investors.”

Entrepreneur Association used their one-time exception for food and A.S. F&B voted to fully fund the request.

Anime Club requested and was granted $1,000 to plan a day trip to Little Tokyo in Los Angeles. The event allows participants to explore museums and attractions relating to Japanese culture. Anime Club used their one-time exception for transportation.

El Congreso requested $11,300 to host the 24th Annual College Day on April 16 where they will host prospective students at UCSB and inform them about higher education. A.S. F&B voted to fully fund the request.

Los Ingenieros requested $17,270 to host their 17th annual Science & Technology Conference where the group will host prospective first-generation and low-income students from the tri-county area.

Fourth-year Antonio Cisneros said the event is aimed at first-generation and low-income students.

“Our target audience are primarily first-generation college students and low-income students. We’re bringing them to UCSB and opening the doors of college to them,” Cisneros said.

A.S. F&B voted to fund $12,500 of the $17,270 requested, with a stipulation that the College of Creative Studies (CCS) and Engineering Student Council are contacted.

International Student Association requested $1,500 in collaboration with UCSB Go Club for more food for their Winter Welcome Back event. UCSB Go Club used their one-time exception for food. A.S. F&B partially funded the request $1,000.

VocalMotion requested and was granted $262.04 to host their fall concert on Dec. 4.

The Limitless Coalition requested $3,790 to host their 2nd annual “Graphic Voices” event, which will host designers and graphic animators.

Fourth-year theater major Danie Hakimi said she created the event last year to connect students with resources in the animation and graphic design industry.

“I created Graphic Voices because I am interested in video game design and animation but was frustrated at the lack of classes in these fields,” Hakimi said. “In order to keep myself immersed in these fields, I brought the animation science to UCSB. I realized the best way to learn is to meet working animators in the animation field.”

A.S. F&B voted to fund $2,340 of the $3,790 with the stipulation that funds not be used for gas or shirts.

UCSB Dhadkan requested $12,700 to host Nachle Deewane, an Indian dance competition and after-concert event.

Third-year chemical engineering major Niranjana Balesan said the event would allow the club to increase diversity and donate to a cause of their choice.

“We are hosting an intercollegiate South Asian dance competition where students and dancers from across the United States come to UCSB to perform,” Balesan said. “The event allows us to increase diversity on UCSB’s campus.”

A.S. F&B funded $10,000 of the $12,700 requested because it cannot fund decorations or the 501(c)(3) request to become a nonprofit.

United Students Against Sweatshops requested and was granted $250 to provide pizza during the Undie Run.

RealLife requested $7,000 to send 75 students to a national conference in L.A.

Fourth-year psychology major Veronika Navarra said the event would help participants understand Cru Ministry and RealLife in a regional context and connect them with mission opportunities.

“This event gives students an opportunity to see RealLife in a regional sense and gives them information about overseas missions trips they can go on during college or after college,” Navarra said.

A.S. F&B voted to fully fund the event in a 9-2-2 vote.

La Familia de Colores requested $9,000 to host the Body Holy Dance Party Prom.

Art and sociology double-major Aimee Hanna said the event aims to recreate a high school prom that celebrates various sexual and gender identities.

“Body Holy Dance Party Prom is a contemporary prom that promotes various gender and sexual identities,” Hanna said. “It aims to recreate prom for those boys who wanted to wear dresses and for the girls who wanted to suit up and for everyone who wants to participate.”

A.S. F&B voted to fully fund the event

UCSB Fencing Club requested $15,000 to attend Nationals. A.S. F&B granted them $3,000, the maximum allocation for sports teams going to Nationals.

Correction: UCSB Dhadkan requested funding from the finance committee, not SDS Bhangra.