You know it isn’t really like me to brag, but after taking another loss in my most expensive league this week, all I have to talk about is the success my advice has had. Unfortunately, I’m the last person who follows it.

If you read last week’s FSI article and paid close attention, you probably had a big week. As predicted, Mike Evans woke up from hibernation, Lamar Miller exploited Houston’s defense, and Todd Gurley made his case for ROY. On top of that, Joe Flacco and Jordan Matthews laid an egg so hopefully they were on your bench, or maybe even in free agency.

Like I said, I don’t like to brag, so this isn’t really for you it’s just so I can get to sleep at night. It makes it easier to take an actual fantasy “L” if I think I’m helping you guys get a “W”. The good thing is, we all have some time to bounce back. If you have 3-4 wins right now, you may be okay, but the ice is thin so lets make sure you’re light on your feet throughout the rest of the season.

Hot Off the Wire

 Darren McFadden, RB Cowboys (43 percent owned of ESPN format)

This is an easy one and you need to act fast since he is all over Matthew Barry’s man-crush list. The once MVP caliber running back and the only Raider you can name from the past decade is back on the scene as a starting back, and guess what? He has the best line in the league, The Legion of Room, in front of him at all times and they helped him to 150 yards and a TD. With Randle on light carries for injury, McFadden got 29 carries. No, that isn’t a typo, the only mistake here is that he is only owned in half of leagues. He is a must have! Go now and come back to the article when you get him.

 Alfred Blue, RB Texans (19.2 percent)

Just another formality for Mr. Blue, who has been handcuffed to Arian Foster since he was put on the Texans. Surprise! Arian is out for the rest of the season and I bet you can’t believe it. What you can believe in is Alfred, Houston’s new starting running back.

Jordan Reed, TE Redskins (41.8 percent)

 This is bad timing with this being the Skins’ bye week, but TE free agents aren’t the easiest to come by. Usually a couple emerge during the season such as Gary Barnidge, who we’ll talk about shortly. Although he isn’t brand new, Reed is starting to make himself a big commodity as Kirk Cousin’s favorite target. In their recent come back victory over Tampa Bay, Reed was targeted 13 times and caught 11 of them for 72 yards and two TD’s, including the game winner. Now it’s doubtful that we will see many multi-touchdown games from him, or any Redskin for that matter, but his success in last week’s victory was even enough to get Kirk fired up!


Nate Washington, WR Texans (5.9 percent)

Now don’t expect this guy to get more targets than everyone’s favorite Hard Knocks actor, DeAndre Hopkins, who leads the league in looks, but Nate is surely spreading the wealth. He missed a couple games in the weeks prior due to injury but was back in action Sunday with 9 receptions and 127 yards. Oh yeah and he found the end zone twice! Maybe now that the entire league gets the fact that the Texans look for Hopkins as the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd option, Nate will be open a bit more. Ride this momentum until they figure him out too.

 Start’em, Sit’em

 Peyton Manning, QB Broncos (Sit)

No, I am not scared that the Green Bay defense will pick him apart all night but they are not very giving to QB’s as far as fantasy goes this season. The main thing is that Peyton just hasn’t shown up when the lights are bright lately. This game against another undefeated team will not be about Peyton. Hopefully you have another QB of worth.

 Rashad Jennings, RB Giants (Sit)

 The backfield that this man now stands in is just too crowded for him to have real value except in very deep leagues. He may be a first possession back but he wont get many carries and it is doubtful that he will be called upon at the goal line, especially after coming off his worst game of the season. He was only given 5 carries and found 19 yards. It’s not good to average more yards per carry than you do total carries, unless you score every time you touch the ball. Jennings has found the end zone once this season on the ground.

 Gary Barnidge, TE Browns (Start)

Told you we would get to this guy. Over the past five games, Barnidge has averaged over 15 points in standard leagues and continues to make miraculous plays. He reached over the 100-yard mark for the third time this season this past Sunday and was a great option despite ending his TD streak of four straight games. I know that Arizona has a great defense but this guy seems unstoppable right now and the Browns WILL throw the ball his way.

 Michael Crabtree, WR Raiders (Start)

 This man was featured just weeks ago in our “Hot Off the Wire” list and now has found himself to be owned in well over half of leagues. Most people can’t see his value since he is playing with Carr’s new favorite target, rookie Amari Cooper, but just based off of targets Crabtree seems to be his favorite. He leads the team with 56 targets on the year so far which is almost 10 a game. On top of that, he’s been efficient with these opportunities with 4 receptions as his season low. This week the Raiders play a tough secondary in the Jets but it is very likely that Cooper will be on Revis  Island, leaving Crabtree to roam freely.

 Phillip Rivers, QB Chargers (Start)

Okay this is an obvious one here and I shouldn’t have to tell the owners of Rivers to start their No. 1 QB, but this year’s draft really disrespected the league’s leader in passing yards. Over the last four games he has averaged nearly 400 yards at 390.5 and has 10 TD’s in that time. I’m no mathematician but that is a ton of fantasy points and more importantly, it’s consistency! Rivers remains one of the best QB’s in this league, both in the real league and fantasy. Watch him go for another big day over a struggling Ravens defense.

Matthew Stafford, QB Lions (Start)

Okay, I did get one wrong last week in telling you all to sit Stafford. Honestly, it was just to keep up my streak of hatred, but now I am here to reconcile that by telling you to start him. Last week was just his 2nd game of the season where he didn’t turn the ball over. Good sign. I just like his matchup this week against a faltering secondary in Kansa City. I expect another 250 and two TD’s.

Derek Carr, QB Raiders (Sit)

I’ve loved this guy since he got drafted, but every QB is going to have a bad matchup some weeks. This is contradictory to my advice on Crabtree, but with the pass defense the Jets have, Carr will definitely get the bad side of it while Crabtree will prosper from the attention shift. I’m not saying Carr is going to be torn limb from limb, but he will definitely be safer on your bench this week. I really hope he proves me wrong.

Thank you all again for joining me this week on Fantasy Sports Island, I hope this advice leads you well. As always, feel free to contact me on twitter (Even if you slide in my DM’s) with any questions or concerns that you may have. Good luck this week!