Last week (Oct. 13-20) law enforcement units in Isla Vista responded to a residential burglary, a rooftop accident on Del Playa Road and a prowler outside a residence on Pasado Road.

Early Friday morning, law enforcement officials responded to reports of a prowler on Pasado at approximately 3 a.m. but were unable to locate the suspect. The same suspect, a fourth-year UCSB student, returned again at approximately 3:29 a.m. and was arrested by IVFP deputies behind the neighbor’s house. The suspect had 22 images of a victim on his phone, taken from outside through the victim’s window. The victim signed a citizen’s arrest for the prowling, and IVFP deputies also added peeping to the suspect’s charges.

On Thursday evening, medical response teams arrived on Del Playa Road to attend to a UC Santa Barbara student who had fallen off a roof. The reporting party stated the victim, a male they met earlier in the evening, was walking on the roof of his residence when he unexpectedly fell.  The victim was conscious and talking when medics transported him to Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital.

On Tuesday, Oct. 13, deputies responded to a residential burglary on Camino Del Sur.  The victim stated his laptop was stolen off the couch near the front door of his apartment, which he had left unlocked. The victim was unable to provide any description of the suspect.

I.V. Foot Patrol officials said they have seen an increase in laptop thefts, and I.V. residents should remember to host closed parties and lock doors to prevent theft.