SBC Fire Information Officer Captain Dave Zaniboni delivered the following response regarding the events leading to Andres Esteban Sanchez’s death on Sunday morning:

“On October 11, 2015 at approximately 4:40 a.m., the Santa Barbara County Fire Department received a call for a medical emergency in the 6700 block of Abrego Road in Isla Vista. Fire Engine 11, which was staffed with one Captain, one Paramedic/Engineer and one Paramedic/Firefighter, was dispatched and responded from their station located at 6901 Frey Way (at Storke Rd.) in Goleta. Upon arrival, Firefighters were met by several agitated bystanders stating that the subject had cut his arm and needed help. Firefighters donned the appropriate protective equipment and approached the subject, where they found a combative male victim, around 20 years of age, being restrained on the ground by Sheriff’s Deputies who had arrived on scene prior to our arrival.

Our Captain and Engineer assisted with restraining the subject, who was extremely combative, while the Paramedic/Firefighter began treatment and worked to control the bleeding. An American Medical Response (AMR) ambulance arrived on scene. The subject was placed onto a back board and restrained with soft restraints to prevent further injury to himself or to first responders. He was then transferred to the AMR ambulance and transported without delay to Cottage Hospital.

Our Firefighter/Paramedic rode to the hospital in the ambulance to assist with patient care. The Captain and Engineer remained on scene, at the request of Sheriff’s Deputies, to assist with cleanup at three different locations on Abrego Road. There was a large amount of blood on the street at these locations, which presented a biological hazard. The areas were cleaned with the use of Septisol and copious amounts of water.

Santa Barbara County Firefighters pride themselves in their professionalism while working with law enforcement and AMR to provide the highest standard of patient care. Our members treat every emergency with urgency and professionalism. Engine 11’s crew on October 11th included an experienced team of Firefighters and Paramedics. Every effort was made to provide the very best care and life saving measures for this young man.”

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