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Through sweet ukulele strums and rich trumpet licks, Wild Child captivates audiences like a moth to a flame. The band has seven members, each of which are masters at their respective instruments. The versatility of their instrumentation creates music that sounds simple and yet feels so full. Each instrument, from the guitar to the keyboard, layers onto the next, creating a sound that would be incomplete in the absence of even one. They seamlessly allow each other to shine alone in all the right places, then, without any hesitation, jump back in together and entrance the listener.

Originating from Texas, the band brings that warm southern charm we’re always hearing about and incorporates it into their music. It can be seen through their general aesthetic and choices of rural, country landscapes for their music videos. Their music is classified as Indie Pop, and, as the genre would dictate, most of their songs carry a light feel, eliciting feelings of joyousness to all charmed enough to listen. Taking every listener on an emotional journey — flooding the mind with too many feelings and thoughts to sift through, is how Wild Child creates their musical experience.

Kelsey Wilson and Alexander Beggins, the lead vocalists of the group, seem to have perfected their ability to harmonize with one another — providing the ear with the sweet, decadent nourishment it craves ever so much. Funnily enough, Wild Child came to be because of a chance meeting of Wilson and Beggins while on tour. After discovering sounds they worked so well together, Wilson and Beggins decided making music together was worth a shot. After calling on other local musicians in Austin, Wild Child was born.

From what they have done thus far, the show is posed to be whimsical and lighthearted. The band will be performing at SOhO, a local restaurant and music club, on Oct. 9. A perfect environment to sing along and dance the night away, the venue, decent enough in size, is quaint and provides a calm atmosphere. Positioned in beautiful, downtown Santa Barbara, SOhO, is not only classy but also accessible to anyone who wishes to go.

Before seeing the performance, grabbing a couple of drinks and an appetizer or two is definitely an option; after all, you will have to make sure you’ve set yourself up with enough energy to make it to the front of the stage before everyone else. Wild Child is definitely a band to see, and if the show turns out to be only half as good as we all expect, it’d still be worth every ounce of effort needed to secure a spot in the audience.