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As the year comes to a close and many of you Gauchos creep ever-closer to saying goodbye to our beautiful Santa Barbara home, it’s important that you take in as much of the beauty as you can. Here is a cheat sheet compiled from the suggestions of graduating seniors and local residents combined to make sure you experience every culinary treat.

1. Lilly’s: A general consensus from most of our student input says that if by some miracle you have not tried this taqueria, it is an absolute must!

2. La Super-Rica: Another Mexican restaurant on our list. Apparently when Julia Child visited Santa Barbara, this tasty joint was her favorite!

3. Blenders: Right here in Isla Vista we have the delicious smoothie place which I’m sure many of you have tried, but if you haven’t tried your drink sans ice, it is highly suggested. The flavors stand out more because it is solely fruit.

4. Eureka!: I’m sure many of you have heard of this downtown, upscale burger joint and many of you may have already tried it, but if you have not had the Fresno Fig burger then you, my friend, are missing out!

5. Wok on the Wild Side: You know that you have walked past this Isla Vista restaurant and have been tempted to “wok” in, but for whatever reason you just kept on going and never made it inside. Well, it is time that you go in and try either their Kung Pao chicken, spicy beef and rice or their sizzling crispy chicken.

6. Barbarians Pizza: A downtown pizza joint on State noted from a SB local himself as “the best pizza in all of Santa Barbara.” With a statement like that it certainly seems worth the try.

7. Garrett’s Old Fashioned Restaurant: Again, another local favorite on State. This restaurant is for those breakfast lovers like Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson. Apparently, the Monte Cristo is to die for.