College is hard. How does anyone ever expect us to be able to balance our social lives, sleep AND good grades?? Turns out, most professors don’t really mind when their students cheat. I mean, it’s not like they mention anything at the beginning of the quarter about it, right? How bad could the consequences be? Here are some cheating tips I collected from a few experts on campus.

1.) Dress for Success



Materials needed: Sunglasses, hat, scarf … anything that can/will cover your face/head

Procedure: The goal of this method is to cover your head completely so those sneaky TAs can’t see where your eyes are wandering.  If you can’t see them, they can’t see you!

2.) Cheat Sheets


Materials needed: Any body part

Procedure: Have you ever realized how easy it is to write on human skin? Prepare for ANY test by writing all the information you need to know on your body! Go into your test wearing a jacket and pants to cover all the information you have inked your arms and legs with, and then once the tests are handed out, strip your way to a one hundred percent.

3.) Key to Success


Materials needed: Answer key to your test

Procedure: This one is a little tricky. Once you get past the easy part of finding your test’s answer key, you must then copy down all the answers. I understand that copying down fifty letters for your midterm exam may be a bit stressful, but you are just going to have to tough it out if you want that A.

4.) Sound the Alarm


Materials needed: Working vocal chords

Procedure: The moment you get stuck on a question, shout “FIRE!!!” and run out of the building. People will follow and then you will get a few more days (once the test is canceled) to find a better way to cheat.



Materials needed: Pencil, paper and your textbook

Procedure: Study.