Giraffage and his dog, Chocolate. Courtesy of

Giraffage and his dog, Chocolate. Courtesy of

Put the books down and click ‘Not Going’ to any and all events you are RSVP’d to in Isla Vista this Friday. Hot off the heels of his new EP, No Reason, and Porter Robinson’s Worlds tour, cotton-candy future-bass wonder kid Giraffage is making a return to Santa Barbara at EOS Lounge.

The young star’s goofy internet-humor-ridden demeanor (evident in his Facebook page which boasts more pics of photoshopped dog than DJ sets) makes him fit snugly on the roster of Fool’s Gold Records’ long list of talent. Having already been a cult hit amongst crowds of suspenders and skinny jeans, Charlie Yin (as his parents know him) is taking over 2015 by selling out shows all across the continent.

Yin’s music has been undergoing a large makeover to accompany his newly found fame. Taking a dramatic shift away from the R&B and hip hop bootlegs that put the San Jose-based DJ on the map, No Reason sounds like a journey through a lollipop field where everything is some shade of pastel violet or green and Yoshis and Pacmen run free. It’s a little lighthearted, a little nerdy and a large breath of fresh air from the oppression of the big room sounds that dominates commercial festivals and popular nightclubs.

With Spazzkid as acting wingman, this is Giraffage’s first headlining North American tour, and Yin, who showed up to Hard Day of the Dead in a fried egg costume, is bound to have a few surprises for the clubbers of our little beachside town.

Those familiar with our animal DJ’s Boiler Room set will know that Friday night promises to be a medley of dreamy beats, video-game inspired bounces and perhaps even the elusive Giraffage remix of R. Kelly’s “Ignition.” So this Friday, if you’re tired of the piercing stab synths of Sirius XM’s Electric Area, you’re an old-school gamer or you just really like African safari animals, then EOS is your destination. Tickets are just over $15 on Night Out’s website and they’re going fast. Buy them here: