It’s hard to deny: Getting sleep and eating right are probably two of the hardest things to do. All of us midterm-fearing college students have probably already broken our New Year’s resolution to treat our bodies right with health(ier) foods, but instead find ourselves munching on less-than-appetizing, greasy and inexpensive food to “fuel” our brain and push through that nine-hour mark of studying. How long will we continue to feed on these noxious foods that make us bloat and burp and make our stomachs churn? Until now!

Wedged in between Styles for Less and Nikka Japanese Market at the Calle Real Marketplace stands Kyle’s Kitchen — the new “it” spot in Goleta. With its huge orange logo and long line of people, it’s almost impossible to miss.

Inside, Kyle’s Kitchen has an incredibly fun and playful ambience, with orange walls and a huge chalkboard where customers can write funny or inspiring notes. The staff is incredibly friendly, always willing to answer questions and go the extra mile to help with anything.

But if not their signature orange signage and interactive atmosphere, what makes Kyle’s Kitchen so special? Not only is their food delicious but it also serves a great cause.

Photo courtesy to @kyles_kitchen.

Kyle and friend Natalie. Photo courtesy to @kyles_kitchen.

Kyle’s Kitchen began from a larger branch, one very popular amongst the UCSB and Santa Barbara community: Silvergreens. But rather than creating a third branch of the “real food” restaurant, Jay Ferro, the chain’s owner, created Kyle’s Kitchen in his son’s honor.

Kyle is a high-functioning and incredibly social special needs student at Mountain View Elementary School. “He loves to meet people and give them hugs,” said Sawyer Diaz, a supervisor at Kyle’s Kitchen.

Every month, Kyle’s Kitchen pairs up with a new organization, donates part of its proceeds to that cause, while also bringing about awareness of these organizations to the Santa Barbara community. “We have good food helping great people … we’re doing something different in the restaurant industry that has never been done before,” said Diaz.

So what kind of good food are we talking about? Literally everything. From the savory “Klassic Kyle” burger, to the mouthwatering “Kickin’ Cowboy” salad, Kyle’s Kitchen provides almost every type of burger, salad and sandwich you can dream of — not to mention their to-die-for “Stinky Pig Fries” (topped with bacon, bleu cheese and ranch) and Mint Chocolate Chip milkshake. Kyle’s Kitchen also provides vegetarian options for all those veggie lovers and a delicious variety of freshly squeezed juices to perfectly compliment an already tasty meal.

Photo courtesy to @kyles_kitchen.

The Bacon & Egg Burger. Photo courtesy to @kyles_kitchen.

“I tried their ‘Cheesy Pig’ burger with fries and a Lemonade, and I can say I haven’t had such a great tasting meal in a while,” said Michelle Jung, a fourth-year communication major at UCSB. “It also felt great knowing that I was also giving back to a good cause.”

But is that all? Not quite! Kyle’s Kitchen has a very large presence on social media platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, so if you’re ever in doubt whether to eat at the new restaurant or not, type in the hashtag #ilovekyleskitchen to see fun photos and all the positive reviews customers have to say about this place!

Their motto, “Eat Great Food. Help Great People,” really encapsulates the essence of Kyle’s Kitchen: they want to serve the best to the best. With a playful environment, friendly staff and delicious food, Kyle’s Kitchen is just a short drive away to getting a sweet and savory meal to help push you through midterm season. You’re eating great food for a great cause; what can be better than that?

Kyle’s Kitchen is located at 5723 Calle Real, Goleta CA 93117 and is open daily from 10:30 am to 9 pm. This month a portion of revenue goes to Alpha Resource Center.