fashion-PKIt’s Friday night and as you walk down DP to whatever shenanigans the night holds, it’s safe to say that you will come across hundreds of good-looking people dressed to the tee. Girls break out their cutest outfits that have been patiently waiting in the back of their closets all week, while the guys might actually spend more than five minutes getting ready. This is when everyone decides they should look their best and dress to impress, on Friday night when socializing is at the top of our priority list. Fastforward to the next morning at Bagel Café and you’ll find a plethora of students wearing sweatshirts and workout clothes. While this isn’t necessarily a terrible tragedy, it shows where a lot of the residents of Isla Vista’s true intentions lie … and that’s with the Friday night party scene. Additionally, it’s usually not on impressing that girl or guy in their history class.

It’s no secret that, as Gauchos, we pride ourselves on being one of the most attractive universities in the state. As you take a stroll through our beautiful campus, it isn’t difficult to tell that we have an abundance of beautiful people. After all, College Prowler does rate our Guys and Girls as an A+. But do we always present ourselves in the best light appearance-wise? While our university has a reputation of possessing very laid-back and “chill” personalities, sometimes this just doesn’t cut it in the fashion department. Let’s face it ladies and gents, it’s not that difficult to dress up a bit and we could all stand to improve our fashion choices.

Here are a few reasons why you should definitely consider spending a little more time on your outfit and appearance in the morning (or whenever you decide to roll out of bed):


Professors aren’t immune to your unsightly crop top and see-through leggings.

While you may not believe this, your professors actually do see you and take notice of the way you carry yourself and your appearance. And while appearance isn’t everything, it sure as hell makes a big difference in the academic and professional world. If your professors see that you make an effort with your own personal appearance, they will be more likely to view you in a positive light academically. That letter of recommendation or research position you have been yearning for? Think about how much more professional you will appear to the professor in charge if you decide to throw on a nice button-up shirt as opposed to sweats. We are all grown individuals capable of dressing ourselves, so if we want our professors to take us seriously, we need to take the initiative to do present ourselves nicely.


People take notice of you wherever you go, INCLUDING your 8 a.m.s

As easy as it is to wake up with just 10 minutes to spare before you need to be out the door, let’s be honest … those few extra minutes of sleep are doing nothing for your hair. Try setting your alarm just a little earlier and you might see that it makes a world of difference. That extra little bit of effort goes a long way when you are trying to get that cute classmate’s number, or even just making new friends in your sections. That guy in your 8 a.m. who knows how to dress is much more likely to catch your attention than the one who sits in the back and wears socks and sandals (ew). While I don’t mean to say that appearance is everything, you must admit that you feel more compelled to interact with a well-groomed person than someone who looks like they just rolled out of bed and couldn’t care less.


Your self-confidence will be at a whole new, unstoppable level.

As corny as it sounds, we all know that our confidence is extremely important to our overall happiness. That’s why, as easy as it is to revert back to the sweatshirt and leggings of Monday mornings past, you should do yourself a favor and try something new. It doesn’t hurt to experiment with fashion choices and we all know that we feel our hottest when we look at least semi-presentable. Whether that be in an outfit that is brand spanking new, or that same look you’ve been recycling for months, but you know looks awesome on you, wearing an amazing outfit shouldn’t just be reserved for Friday and Saturday night. So rock the ripped jeans and your mom’s vintage sweater; in fact, rock whatever makes you feel like your best. Fashion is the best form of self-expression, since it’s one we choose to express everyday. Because let’s be honest, when we look good, we feel even better.


Jackie Carlson has woken up more than three hours before class to get that perfect just got out of bedlook it aint easy to wake up like this.


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