Going back home for Thanksgiving is always a reality check. The little bubble we live in here at UCSB has made us forget what life was like back at home and how much we have changed since our high school days. Going back to see family, neighbors and old friends is bound to create a few awkward moments…

1. Forgetting you aren’t 21 and that you can’t brag to your family about downing a whole handle of vodka last weekend.


Wow Mom, thanks for offering me half a glass of wine at dinner! Baby steps.

2. Not recognizing people you used to hang out with during high school because they have completely altered their physical appearance.

via bestviral.com

via bestviral.com

Some people definitely peaked in high school…

3. … and then wanting to hook up with the people who suddenly became really attractive.


And the best part is you don’t even have to see them until the next break.

4. When people you secretly hated ask to spend time with you now.


Time and Nutella don’t heal everything.

5. Trying to hook up with someone on the same twin bed you used to sleep on in middle school.


Remember to hide the Beanie Babies collection!

6. Getting matched with someone from high school on Tinder.


I’ll be in my room all weekend, thanks though.

7. Being asked the same questions about college every time you talk to someone new.


Yes, I know UCSB is a party school. Yes, it is possible to party and still get good grades.

8. Being constantly disappointed by the “parties” people throw because you are too used to partying in I.V.


This one is inevitable.