UCSB dorm residents elected current on-campus senator, second-year political science and communication double major Nikki Calderon to the position of Residence Hall Association President in this past week’s RHA election for the 2014 to 2015.

Calderon defeated second-year RHA National Communications Coordinator to Presidents, Ernesto Piña, who ran on a platform of increasing advising services to dorm residents, allowing flexibility with rollover meal swipes, adding lighting to provide safe paths for Santa Catalina residents and developing social justice programs. Calderon’s goals as President include increasing the focus on zero-waste sustainability, innovating residence halls, adding rollover swipes and skateboard lockers to the dining commons, and improving residence hall experiences.

As for the other RHA executive positions, Amy Navarrete was elected Administrative Vice President, Adam Sosa was elected Vice President of Finance, Sandy Barba was elected Programming Vice President, and Samantha Ixquiack, Carlos Raya, Charlene Salamat, Deanna Nguyen, Leo Santiago, Hamza Bhatti, Pablo Morales and Camille Clinton were elected as Representatives at Large.


[Correction: A previous version of this article incorrectly identified Programming Vice President-elect Sandy Barba as Sandy Barbara, she is in fact Sandy Barba.]