It’s the most wonderful time of the year — at least for baseball fans that is. No, not Christmas… Spring training, of course. It’s better than a winter wonderland, it’s a desert, and yes, Arizona has never looked so beautiful.

“But Spring training is so trivial, right?”


Spring training marks the beginning of the baseball season that will be, come April when opening days around the country commence. It is during this time where teams and fans alike can breathe the fresh air of a new beginning, and believe even for what minimal time it may be, that this year you will beat the odds and not bomb-out like you did last year.

As Bleacher Report puts it “there is a lot of optimism in the air.” Except if you’re the Astros, who earned themselves the last place slot of prospective winning teams for the 2014 season.

Also at the back of that pack is the Chicago Cubs. Sadly enough, the MLB memes will once again be flying about whether or not we’ll all be dead by the time the Cubs win the pennant.

The lack of real change during this year’s trading period has left the top teams at the top. The top three MLB power rankings according to Bleacher Report are unsurprisingly the Braves, Dodgers (insert witty comment about being from LA here) and the Tigers.

However, happily enough in my opinion, the Nationals also snagged a top 10 spot, so, you can just call me Mrs. Bryce Harper now if you please.

But, above all other players in the MLB at this very moment, there should be none happier than Mike Trout, outfielder for the LA Angeles of Anaheim — yes, the fake LA team— who recently was ranked number one in the 2014 fantasy draft, and was offered a $1 million dollar, one-year extension contract. Well done, Trout, it pays to be the best.