If you’re like me you just can’t stand the Winter Olympics. Odd sports, no real star power and Bob Costas’ eye infection is just too much to bear. For those of you who can’t get enough of Sochi, here’s the top five things you’ve missed in the sports world since Friday’s Opening Ceremony.

Michael Sam comes out before NFL Draft

Often times sports overlaps political, societal and moral aspects of life. It’s what makes sports special. The story broke late last week that former Missouri lineman Michael Sam, SEC Defensive Player of the Year, is gay. The announcement could make Sam the first openly gay athlete to play in the NFL.

Projected to go early in this year’s draft, Sam enters unchartered territory in a league with a history of homophobia.

Sam must be applauded for his announcement for he might just be the trailblazer the NFL and sports need.

A-Rod drops lawsuit against MLB

Alex Rodriguez has officially dropped his lawsuit against Major League Baseball and the players union. The odds were stacked against Rodriguez, but it seemed as if the evidence was even more stacked against him. It’s a smart move from a man who still wants to play baseball again. Because seriously, who would rehire a guy who tried to sue you?

A-Rod doesn’t want to end his career the way it unfolded late last season, and dropping his lawsuit gives him a chance of playing again. As for the Yankees take on it, no one put it better than Derek Jeter, “It is what it is.”

Marcus Smart suspended three games for pushing fan

On Sunday, Oklahoma State guard Marcus Smart was ejected in the final seconds of the Texas A&M-OK St. game for pushing a fan after he was called “a piece of crap.” Smart was suspended three games for his actions, a punishment suitable considering he wasn’t the one completely at fault, the fan reacted just as low.

Yanks Introduce Tanaka

Japanese pitching sensation Masahiro Tanaka was introduced by the Yankees on Tuesday in front of the largest press conference since Hideki Matsui, another Japanese import, was signed. Tanaka will have a lot of big expectations to live up to. New York signed him for a seven-year deal worth $155 million for what GM Brian Cashman hopes will be a “a really solid, consistent No. 3 starter.”

Tanaka reportedly spent $195,000 for his plane trip to New York. So although he hasn’t shown the Yankees what he can do, you at least know he can spend money like the Yankees do.

LeBron says he will be on Mount Rushmore

Although Kevin Durant might be this year’s MVP, LeBron still rules the NBA. In an interview earlier in the week he came out saying that he will finish his career in the top four of all-time. Those are bold words from someone who understands the constant media scrutiny that surrounds him.

James already has a Hall of Fame resume: two NBA championships, two Finals MVP awards, four MVP awards, seven All NBA First-Team selections, five times on the NBA All Defensive Team and 10 All-Star selections.

He might not be there now, but only time will tell.