The starting lineups for the 2014 NBA All Star Game have been announced. Most of them are no surprise, but on a few picks, the fans messed up.

The West

Stephan Curry: Finally Curry earns the start. The prolific shooter was robbed last year when he didn’t even make the roster, but there was no avoiding Curry this year. Called my Durant earlier this week the best shooter to ever play, Curry is tied for first in the NBA in three point field goal makes. He’s sixth in the league in scoring too, so this young guard will be fun to watch in an all-star game that’s all about offense.

Kobe Bryant: The fact that Bryant was voted to another all-star game is absolutely ridiculous. Yes, it’s a tribute to his incredible career, but he’s played in six games this season. Six. Even the best players can’t do enough in six games to make an all-star game. The starters should be picked solely on what they do this season. Bryant is a fan favorite, but give it to a guy that actually deserves it.

Kevin Durant: Well he better be a starter. The question is whether he’s the MVP of the league so far. Durant leads the NBA in scoring with 31.1 points per game. He’s been on absolute fire in recent games and clearly the obvious choice for the small forward position. Good luck East.

Blake Griffin: Griffin is a fantastic player and has kept LA afloat with Chris Paul out with injury. However, he should not have been the leading vote getter at this position. How he beat Kevin Love, I don’t understand. Nevertheless, Griffin is a great all-around player. He can go inside, shoot the jumper, rebound and play defense. So, welcome to the All-Star game Blake.

Kevin Love: Lucky for Love, the NBA is no longer requiring a center to start because Blake Griffin earned more votes for the start. That is wrong, so thank goodness for the exception, especially since Love is having a much greater year than the best starter in the West, Dwight Howard. He’s finally healthy. He can shoot the three, he rebounds and he’s fourth in the NBA in scoring. We’re finally seeing the potential of Kevin Love.


The East

 Kyrie Irving: Voted as a starter for the first time, Irving is absolutely the right choice. However, this decision was heavily aided by the amount of injuries to point guards, like Rajon Rondo and Derrick Rose. Irving averages 21.4 points and 6.2 assists per game. Have fun in New Orleans.

Dwayne Wade: Another guard chosen for his superstar status. Wade is a fantastic player, but he has been battling knee soreness all year long and therefore hasn’t been playing as many games. It hasn’t been typical Dwayne Wade either. Would’ve loved to see John Wall get a shot here, but Miami is one of the best teams in the league. Plus, he’ll add great chemistry with LeBron James. Bets on how many alley-oops we’ll see?

 Carmelo Anthony: Typically it’s hard to justify starting a player on a team as bad as New York, but there’s no way around it here. Anthony ranks second in the NBA in scoring and if you didn’t hear, he had 62 points last Friday against Charlotte. Ouch. He remains one of the best scorers in the league and is always fun to watch at an All-Star game.

Paul George: George is also making a run for MVP, so no surprise here. The Pacers are the top team in the NBA and George is a big reason for it: 16.4 points and 6.3 rebounds per game. He can shoot the three or he can get inside as a strong, lengthy player. He’s not the biggest name in the NBA, but he’s certainly becoming one.

LeBron James: Shocker right? The two-time reigning MVP is dazzling once again, carrying the load for Miami while Wade struggles with injury. He’s third in the league in scoring with 26.0 points per game while grabbing 6.9 rebounds and dishing 6.5 assists per contest. Enough said.