Isla Vista Foot Patrol responded to several disturbances over the first weekend of winter quarter, issuing three citations for minor in possession of alcohol, six tickets for having an open container and one citation for driving under the influence, amongst some other charges.

According to Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Lt. Robert Plastino, there was also one citation issued for illegal camping and Isla Vista saw two dumpster fires on the 6500 block of Sabado Tarde, although police officials never found an arson suspect for either of the fires. Plastino said he followed a suspect of minor in possession back to his residence on Friday night, after the individual fled arrest. Officers apprehended the suspect at his home, located on the 6600 block of Sabado Tarde. On Saturday night, officers apprehended another man who was cited for an open container and acted aggressively toward the deputies upon arrest.

“[The suspect] was found to be intoxicated and immediately resisted the attempts of deputies to detain him. He became increasingly combative, nearly striking the officers, resulting in three officers having to assist [in his arrest],” Plastino said.

Plastino said the suspect was then taken into custody for additional charges of drunk in public and resisting arrest.


A version of this story appeared on page 3 of Wednesday, January 15, 2014’s print edition of the Daily Nexus.