Finally, an Isla Vista-wide event that features music coming from guitars and voices rather than a MacBook and two PAs. Don’t get me wrong, I like electronica, but nothing beats live music at an event like Chilla Vista. I was excited when my band, Adventure Dogs, was offered a spot in the lineup because I have such great memories of the music and surrounding activities that took place at the festival in previous years.

I always look forward to Chilla Vista because it provides a break from the typical I.V. scene. People stretch out on the sun-soaked lawns of Anisq’ Oyo’ Park and get a chance to appreciate the best local music, food and activities our community has to offer. It’s always a positive experience.

When we pulled up to unload our equipment, I heard from Chris Cubbison, special events assistant for A.S. Program Board, that the set times were going to be pushed back by about an hour and a half. I worried this would hinder the scheduled program, but Cubbison kept a calm attitude about the delays and made sure the event ran smoothly.

I made my way to a room reserved for performers behind the stage and ran into the members of Radical Something. We poured them some whiskey in exchange for a couple sandwiches and had a great conversation about Isla Vista and the history of the yearly event. It turns out they’re big fans of this town. After talking for a while and tuning our instruments, it was time to perform.

I got pumped up for our set as I listened to the thump thump of Eucalyptus Eucalyptus doing a cover of The White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army.” We walked up the steps of the solar-powered stage, and I immediately sensed a relaxed and welcoming ambiance. Speaking for myself and the rest of Adventure Dogs, we had a copious amount of fun bringing some rock ’n’ roll to the festival fans.

Radical Something provided a perfect atmosphere for festival-goers and made a great fit as the closing act. The crowd brimmed with excitement as they took the stage, and it was no surprise that they took the opportunity to film their newest music video on-location that day. Alex Lagemann’s stage dive was a big highlight, which capped off the day nicely as the sun began to set.

I ran into them at a party later that night. We shared drinks and stories from our respective performances, and they said they had a great time. So naturally, we gave a toast:

“Here’s to Chilla Vista.”


Students enjoy the thrill of seeing live bands during this year’s Chilla Vista, an annual free event that brings art and music together.

Students enjoy the thrill of seeing live bands during this year’s Chilla Vista, an annual free event that brings art and music together.

Photo by Peter Vandenbelt / Daily Nexus


A version of this article appeared on page 11 of the May 16th, 2013′s print edition of the Nexus.