Among the various candidates and measures on this year’s Associated Students ballot, you will notice that the Daily Nexus is up for a biennial reaffirmation of its quarterly student lock-in fee. With the exorbitant costs of tuition and student loans, it’s hardly unreasonable for students to question the legitimacy of a continuation of certain fees. Whether you’re an avid reader or naïve to the existence of the Nexus altogether, economic woes can leave any UCSB student asking, “Why bother?”

Ranked as the ninth-best college newspaper by the Princeton Review, the Nexus is made by the students, for the students, and is therefore subject to the evolving nature of a four-year college community. This reaffirmation hinges not on whether we deserve your vote, but whether we’ve succeeded in our duty as journalists to keep you — the students of UCSB — informed today.

We’re the only entirely independent and student-run publication on campus, offering Gauchos their daily dose of breaking news and up-to-date coverage of sports, music, movies, art, dining, science and technology news, and, of course, those classic opinion columns that continue to push buttons … and not to mention those boredom-alleviating Sudoku and crossword puzzles.

With a staff of over 100 student writers, artists, photographers and editors, as well as 10,000 print editions distributed all around campus and I.V. throughout the week, we’re striving to give you our best.

Your vote in favor of the Daily Nexus’ reaffirmation ensures there will still be a fresh pile of Nexus issues available every morning, in addition to a website showcasing the latest sports, news and entertainment updates.

The relationship between a newspaper and its readers has always been an ethical contract. As both journalists and readers, we face the task of being uncompromising in our search for the truth, and always challenging ourselves to dig deeper. It is on behalf of this age-old contract that we ask you to vote in favor of the Nexus’s reaffirmation this year.

The Daily Nexus thanks you for your continued support.


A version of this article appeared on page 8 of the April 23, 2013 print edition of the Nexus.