coswb feeNext week’s Associated Students election ballot will include a new lock-in fee initiative of $1.03 per undergraduate per quarter to support the A.S. Commission on Student Well-Being, an organization dedicating to promoting healthy practices among UCSB students through various events and services.

The measure constitutes one of two new A.S. fee initiatives on the ballot this year along with a proposal for a lock-in fee supporting the A.S. weekly newspaper, The Bottom Line. Of the total $1.03 fee, $.71 will go towards the organization, while the remainder will be put towards financial aid and covering administrative fees.

Lisa Schwartz, a COWSB spokesperson and a current Peer Pre-Health Advisor at the Academic Advising Office, said the goal of the initiative is to gain funding for events that would enrich the physical and mental health of UCSB students.

“The Associated Students Commission on Student Well Being (COSWB) is committed to the general wellbeing of UCSB undergraduates, with a particular emphasis on mental wellbeing,” Schwartz said. “Its purpose is to increase awareness, educate, and advocate for students. COSWB also creates many programs that provide a positive and comfortable environment for students on campus.”

COSWB currently holds weekly free fitness class at the UCEN and in Isla Vista, including yoga, Krav Maga, kickboxing and hip-hop dancing. In addition, COSWB hosts events that educate students on healthy eating habits, mental health issues and other health-related topics, Schwartz said.

“A few weeks ago we had a bounce house. It was amazing to watch the difference in people’s demeanor as they left feeling rejuvenated and refreshed,” Schwartz said.

Should the fee initiative pass, COSWB’s plan is to expand on the services they already provide for students, according to fourth-year biopsychology major.

“We plan to lead off campus trips that will be available at no additional charge for students,” Schwartz said. “These events include whale watching, day trips and camping at the Channel Islands, game trucks and additional fitness classes both in IV and on campus.”