Yesterday, Finance Board met and discussed potential funding for 22 clubs and organizations looking to receive financial assistance from UCSB Associated Students.

Organizations which requested funding at the meeting include the Entrepreneurs Association, the Pilipino Club, College Republicans and UCSB UNITE— a statewide effort to address campus climate issues — in addition to numerous other groups.

Daniel Rojas of UCSB UNITE requested $300 to formulate a 30- to 40-question campus-wide climate survey. He said the survey would be analyzed by graduate students in the Communication Department to assess social and academic conditions on campus and said the survey would give more immediate results than other similar ones.

“We know that one came out recently campus-wide, but we won’t see the results for another three years, which is why we want to do one where we will get the results back in two weeks,” Rojas said.

Amy Katz, representative for the new student organization Gauchos for Recovery — a campus group in the Alcohol and Drug Program — requested $1,285 to participate in the Fourth Annual Texas Tech University Collegiate Recovery Conference. The event would allow the UCSB group to attain valuable new information on issues of recovery and addiction, Katz said.

“We can bounce off ideas with students from other universities for our own campus’ benefit,” Katz said.

 A version of this article appeared on page 3 of March 5th, 2013’s print edition of the Nexus.