The Los Angeles-based DJ duo Poolside will perform at the Hub tonight, with the surf rock band Dante Elephante kicking off the show and doors opening at 8:30 p.m.

Poolside consists of Danish-born producer and multi-instrumentalist Filip Nikolic and Jeffrey Paradise, former front man for the new wave band, The Calculators. The two met in 2004 and collaborated shortly afterward, doing studio work together in Los Angeles in 2005. After working on a number of other projects, they released the debut single “Do You Believe” in 2010 and launched their debut album, Pacific Standard Time, last year on July 9.

Santa Barbara locals Dante Elephante include four members, who got their break after participating in UCSB’s Battle of the Bands event when three of the members were UCSB students.

The band’s guitarist and vocalist, Ruben Zarate, said he was first introduced to Poolside’s disco-influenced dance music just last year, adding that he plans on the concert being a success since both groups’ songs have a pretty laid-back feel to them.

“It’s going to be a good show,” Zarate said. “They are a great band. It’s going to be chill vibes all night long.”

Zarate also said he is excited to return to UCSB, his own alma mater as well as the alma mater of three other members in the band.

Alexander Ho, second-year film and media studies and communication double major, said Poolside’s style has a laid-back, disco-inspired vibe to it that is mellow yet “danceable,” adding that he looks forward to seeing the band’s live set.

“My favorite song is ‘Slow Down’,” Ho said. “This will be my first time seeing them and I’m stoked to see them.”

KCSB Program Director Navid Ebrahimzadeh, a fourth-year literature major, said the campus radio station has traditionally strived to provide students with free concerts since it is primarily funded by UCSB students and other local community members.

The show, which is also hosted by Associated Students Program Board, is one of KCSB’s many efforts to offer entertaining and educational events that are unavailable from other local media outlets, according to Ebrahimzedeh, who said the radio station also focuses on hosting lesser-known artists.

“As far as music goes, we support upcoming artists that aren’t getting the consistent media exposure we think they deserve,” Ebrahimzadeh said.

KCSB organized the concert in conjunction with the A.S. Program Board, with the radio station booking Poolside as the headliner and Dante Elephante as the opening act, while the Program Board provided sound production, lighting and security, Ebrahimzedeh said.

According to Cassi Garcia, commissioner for the Program Board and a fourth-year communication major, the board is unique in its ability to offer event-related resources, such as concert lighting and security staff, which cannot be found elsewhere on campus.

“We’re pretty much the only student organization on campus that does that themselves so other groups come to us for that kind of help,” Garcia said. “We love working with other groups. It’s good to work with other people with different missions, and KCSB is kind of in the same area as what we do and we like to keep a good relationship with everybody.”

Zarate said he encourages students to attend the concert not just for the music but also for the experience and inspiration of beginning a band or group of their own.

“I hope any students who come and watch this show feel empowered to go out and start a band of their own,” Zarate said. “It’s one of the greatest experiences you can have. Touring, making new friends and all that great stuff is totally worth it.”

The concert is open to the general public and free tickets are available at the A.S. Cashiers & Ticket Office.

A version of this article appeared on page 1 of February 7th, 2013’s print edition of the Nexus.