Angry Wings

Get down and dirty with the feistiest wings in town. A giant Super Bowl bucket filled with 48 of Santa Barbara’s biggest, juiciest wings goes for $45.95 and comes with a free t-shirt. Paired with some $2 pints of Natty Ice and Rolling Rock, and $2 49ers and Ravens Jello shots, who could resist?


Pitchers of Bud Light are just $7 each, with premium options priced pretty much the same as Gio’s — Shock Top, IPA and Firestone 805 all go for $9.50 each. The pizza might hold steeper prices than its IV com- petitors, but with it being voted UCSB’s Best Pizza year after year, it’s clear this place likes it on top. And who could forget those sexy ass Cin- nabread slices bathed in frosting?

Giovanni’s Pizza

With the biggest outdoor patio in IV and fairly priced pitchers — $7.99 for Bud- weiser and $9.49 for Firestone 805 and Shock Top — Gio’s is the ultimate place for an afternoon of sunshine and beer drinking. And don’t forget the pizzeria’s mammoth slices that’d be hard to fit into even the most talented of pie holes.

Dublin’s Sports Grill

Roll through this little Irish haven for some truly generous Happy Hour offerings. Platters of fish and chips, chicken tenders or hot wings are priced at just $7 each, with pitchers of Bud- weiser, Coors and Miller going for $9 a piece.

Super Bowl 2013: This Year’s Teams Are Going Hard, But Not as Hard as Isla Vista

Super Bowl XLVII is just a few days away, and for rookie and veteran fans alike that means the party starts today. With T- minus 96 hours to kickoff, there’s only so much time to stockpile the traditional game-day munitions: dip, brats, Cool Ranch Dori- tos and enough cheap cerveza to tranquilize a raging bull.

That’s not to mention the limited-edition jerseys, bobble head collections and face-painting kits you’ve kept in the closet through the regular season. There may be days for embarrass- ment and shame, but Super Bowl Sunday isn’t one of them. Show off that autographed Joe Flacco jersey you found on eBay; put on those 49ers helmets and shoulder pads. Look your fair- weather fan friends straight in the eyes and boldly declare, “I care about this sport way too much, but today it’s OK.”

Then, get drunk. Get drunk off your ass. No matter what your dad told you in second grade, you were never good enough to be one of those guys in the Su- perdome. But just because you can’t be a superstar on the field doesn’t mean you can’t be a superstar in your living room. Whether it’s Snappa (or beer die), Gaucho Ball or some football-related game you just made up (The Hail Mary? The 2-Minute Drill? The 40-yard Smash?) you owe it to yourself to go hard. Start early, end late and cheer your team to victory.

And if these tactics cause you to forget most of the game, don’t worry – there’re only about 12 minutes of playing time anyways.

A version of this article appeared on page 9 of January 30th, 2013’s print edition of the Nexus.