As part of an ongoing effort to revitalize Greek culture, the Multicultural Center will host a free evening of Greek music tonight at 8 p.m.

“Labyrinth: An Evening of Original Compositions and Traditional Music From Greece” is funded by the Argyropoulos Endowment in Hellenistic Studies and will feature the internationally renowned women’s ensemble Kitka and eclectic artists such as Ross Daly, Kelly Thoma, Teslim and Miles Jay. The concert was co-organized by classics department chair Sara Lindheim and professor Helen Morales along with ethnomusicology professor Scott Marcus.

Morales said she hopes their efforts to organize the renowned performers will instill a genuine appreciation for Greek culture and disassociate it from some common stereotypes.

“An impoverished view of Greek culture is one that knows about Zorba the Greek, My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” Morales said. “What we’re doing is presenting different sides of Greek culture, showing what Greek culture is in its fullest sense.”

According to Morales, the program will combine traditional elements of Greek music with original and modern compositions and will include songs from regions including Macedonia, Asia Minor and the Balkans. Morales said the concert aims to illustrate the progression of Greek music throughout its history.

“One thing that excites me is that we should get a glimpse into how music has changed and how it stayed the same across the ages,” Morales said. “Being able to hear traditional Greek folk songs together with more contemporary compositions is exciting. One really has the opportunity to do that.”

In line with the event’s theme, Morales said audience members will be able to fully immerse themselves in the performances and experience an authentic representation of the country’s rich culture.

“You lose yourself, as you might lose yourself in a labyrinth,” Morales said. “Hopefully, you lose yourself in a wonderful evening of Greek music.”