UCSB alumnus Daniel Coccia recently released The Isla Vista App, a mobile application for Android and iPhone devices that aims to consolidate information and provide forums on events, businesses and social life in I.V.

The application includes blogs where I.V. residents can coordinate car rides with other members of the community through a Facebook application called RideShare, find sub-leasers or new roommates and submit posts on the latest events and news. It also allows users to post ads to sell, trade or buy items, gain updated details on local happy hours, clubs and clothing stores, check out information on hiking, kayaking and camping locations, submit images of I.V. scenery to the photo gallery with the application’s camera feature and receive instant access to Bill’s Bus schedules or call a cab within five seconds.

According to Coccia, who graduated in 2012, the application is made by an I.V. resident for other I.V. residents and is customized to the culture of the community by someone with experience living in the area. Coccia said he hated having to go through Facebook, phone calls and text messages to figure out news and points of interests in I.V., so he spent four months receiving consultation and creating the application.

“All the things that you would look up on a daily basis I just pulled out and put into one thing in front of you,” Coccia said.

The application will have directories of information including details and contact information for shops and laundromats, menus for eateries and coffeehouses, a direct link to the “MyUCSB” start page and an SBCC tab. Blogs will also contain information on club meeting dates, addresses for day or night parties, fundraising events and garage sale locations.

Fourth-year environmental studies major Allison Gracer, who has had the app for about a week, said she has found it helpful and wants to spread the word about it so that other I.V. residents can enjoy the benefits.

“As of right now, I really like it,” Gracer said. “I like the instant links.”

Coccia plans on contacting and collaborating with I.V. businesses in hopes of creating special deals that can be used through the app. Currently, Coccia has communicated with managers of Halloween stores in hopes of getting a five percent discount for the application.

Coccia said while the app, which costs $1.99, appears expensive compared to the many free applications on the iPhone and Android, it is equivalent to the cost of a soda and much more useful.

According to fourth-year history major Kathleen Marmo, the application’s benefits outweigh its price.

“The Isla Vista App will help business in Isla Vista,” Marmo said. “If it is under two dollars, I will consider buying it.”

Coccia said he will continue to make updates and encourages feedback from users.

“It is funny how compact this place is, but how distant the people still are,” Coccia said. “The power that this community has is amazing.”